Why and how to become a member

What does the Belgian Go Federation ?

The Belgian Go Federation, a non-profit organization, has the aim of promoting and organize go activities in Belgium.

The BGF offers several services to its members.
Concretely, the BGF...

  • support Go activities in Belgium by providing material and assistance to clubs
  • promotes Go in various publications and in festivals (initiation stands)
  • organizes various competitions - some are free of charge - for its members
  • organizes the interclubs tournament
  • maintains the rating list (only members are published)
  • organizes go lectures given by strong players
  • organizes once a year a go weekend and from time to time, some other Go workshops.
  • publishes the BelGo magazine, keeping you up to date with what is happening in the Belgian Go-scene

Why and how to become a member ?

By becoming a member, you get access to all the sevrices provided by the Federation and moreover you contribute also to the development of Go.
You can become a member if you're also a member of a Belgian go club.
The go club asks membership fee, of which a part is your membership fee for the BGF, the other part being a specific fee for the club (varying from one club to another between 0€ to 10€). Please ask your club captain.

Each year, the amount of the membership fee is decided at the Annual General Meeting.

Since 2018, the membership fee of the BGF is 20 EUR
The membership fee of players under 18 years old is 10 EUR

It is possible to become a member without being a member of a Belgian go club. Contact Jan Ramon <treasurer@gofed.be>.