Jia Hui Chen wins the 36th edition of the Brussels tournament

Chinese female 5-d JiaHui Chen won unbeaten the 36th edition of Brussels tournament, ahead of the favourite, Zihan Yan (CH, 6d).
JinMing He (CH, 3d) completed this all-Chinese podium.

Best Belgian players were Sven Cuyt (4th) and Gabriel Mercier (5th), both with 3/5, while last year's winner, Lucman Bounoider ended 6th with a 2/5 score.

There were 52 participants.

JiaHui Chen was the only unbeaten participant. Players with 4 wins were: Renaud Gaban (3-k), Jonathan Pittonet (4-k), Kenny Bebacq (5-k), Thomas Lemaire (8-k), Eric Baijot (10-k), Gaëtan De Menten (12-k), Marie Evrard (14-k) and Léo Guillaume (18-k). Congratulations to them !

Complete results: https://www.europeangodatabase.eu/EGD/Tournament_Card.php?&key=T221029O