Play (and learn) Go

Play Go in a club

To discover or practice Go the easiest and most natural way is to join a Go club nearby or on Internet.
It's free to try (not free for club regular members).

Note: If you are searching specifically for "Go lessons", most of the time you will not find much "organized teaching classes" as such in clubs.
But in every club players practice, analyse games, propose Go problems to solve, share their experience... So we invite you to enter into a Go club that suits you first and play a bit and then discuss the various available possibilities to improve with players to see what would suit you (books, exercices on Internet, lessons with pro players...).

Go initiation on internet

Play on Go server

  • OGS, The newest, the most complete. Just a very good server to play Go the way you like.
  • KGS, Popular in Europe, the most "friendly atmosphere"- you can join our "Belgian Room" !
  • Pandanet (IGS), , The oldest and most popular in the world where you can also find the European championship
  • DGS (Dragon Go Server), possibility to play many games simultaneously but not in real time - the pace is typically one move per day which can be less stressing

Go programs

  • Igowin, suitable for beginners.
  • Leela, dan level program.
  • AI SENSEI , review your games thank to the most powerful free A.I.: Leela/Lizzie and Katago (first reviews are free)

Go theory and practice

Learning Go