Play (and learn) Go

Play Go in a club

To discover or practice Go the easiest and most natural way is to join a Go club nearby or on Internet.
It's free to try (not free for club regular members).

Go initiation on internet

Play on Go server

  • OGS, The newest, the most complete. Just a very good server to play Go the way you like.
  • KGS, Popular in Europe, the most "friendly atmosphere"- you can join our "Belgian Room" !
  • Pandanet (IGS), , The oldest and most popular in the world where you can also find the European championship
  • DGS (Dragon Go Server), possibility to play many games simultaneously but not in real time - the pace is typically one move per day which can be less stressing

Go programs

  • Igowin, suitable for beginners.
  • Leela, dan level program.
  • AI SENSEI , review your games thank to the most powerful free A.I.: Leela/Lizzie and Katago (first reviews are free)

Go theory and practice

Learning Go