Chinese Bai Baoxiang 2022 world amateur champion; Lucman Bounoider 25th (out of 45 competitors) with 3/6

Chinese Bai Baoxinag won unbeaten (6/6) the 2022 edition of the WAGC, ahead of 5 players with a 5/6 sheet from (in that order) Korea, Hong Kong, France (!) (Thomas Debarre), Japan and Taïpeh (Taïwan).
Bai Baoxiang had already won the WAGC in 2011, 2016, 2017. He is called one of China's Four Titans of Amateur Go (the other 3 are Hu Yuqing, Ma Tianfang and Wang Chen.

Note the great performance by Thomas Debarre, 7-d, from France who ends 4th.

Our representative this year was Lucman Bounoider (3-d) who got a 3/6 score (wins against: Philippe 1k, Hungary (a young player) 1k and Guatemala 5k; lost to: India 2d, Malaysia 5d and Vietnam 5d)