Cooperation with Switzerland and In-Seong Hwang

Dear players,

I have the great pleasure of announcing that many new projects are taking place with the Swiss Go Association and their Official Go instructor, In-Seong Hwang, Korean 7d. After his wonderful work (which all players highly enjoyed) at the Go camp (report and pictures), In-Seong Hwang offered to go on working with us to develop Go in Belgium. I summarize some of our new projects:

1) In order to know us better, In-Seong offered to give 3 free reviews to European team championship players. The reviews will take place at 9pm on KGS (Belgian Room) on Sunday, 2nd October. Everybody is welcome!

2) Yunguseng: this is a very new, efficient way of improving at Go. You can read all information on this website: ; Beginning from January 2012, Belgian players will be allowed to take part in this activity, which was until now reserved to Swiss players. BUT before that, In-Seong was kind enough to offer us 4 "observers" tickets FOR FREE, so I invite all those who would like to observe the league and follow the class (for the month of October and maybe November), to send us ( an email with your name, your kgs nickname and your rank.

3) Go workshops in winter: two days of intensive workshops will be organized in Brussels in December (10th and 11th). All players are welcome. This time it will not be free, but if there are many players, it won't be very expensive. There will be a special fee for students.

4) Swiss-Belgium special online tournament. It will begin in January and it's a very new system developed especially for two small Go federations trying to promote FUN and SKILLS. I don't say more now ;-)

Website links:

1. Yunguseng:
2. Intensive course:

In-seong Hwang 7dan :
Currently (Sep, 2011) 2nd place in Europe Attended 44 tournaments, win 27 times 2nd place 12times. EGD direct link :
1996-2001 Korean Yunguseng (Insei)
2002 Entered Myoung-ji university Baduk department
2003 Started to work as TV commentator on Korean Baduk TV (still active).
2005-2006, 2009-2011 stayed in Germany, Berlin/Frankfurt as a Go teacher.
Since 2011 May : Became Official Go instructor in Switzerland and made Swiss Yunguseng Dojang