European team go championship 2012-13, round 2: Belgium-Switzerland

Kwinten Missiaen (3d) played one day earlier than the rest of the team
and showed them the way to go. His oponent , Joseph Renner (2d) adopted a
big moyo strategy. Finally Kwinten managed to capture a piece of the moyo
between his invading groups and forced his win by resignation.
Next day,

Jan Ramon (4d) was the first to finish his match against
Félicien Mazille (2d). His opponent made skillfull sabaki in the upper
right corner, but failed to attack the cutting stones of Jan. A little
while later, the sabaki was turned into a surrounded heavy group with one
eye and white resigned.

Dominique Versyck (1d) won next in quite spectacular fashion against
Lorenz Trippel (1d). First he managed to give his opponent three weak
groups, sacrificed one of his own and finally captured a big group, en
passant creating a nice double ko (move 193).

Usually finishing first, fresh 5d Lucas Neirinck had to work a little bit
harder this time to the Swiss talent John Walch (3d), finally winning
with 14.5 points.

Switzerland – Belgium: 0 - 4
Board 1: John Walch (ectoplasm) - Lucas Neirinck (cucurucucu) Friday 12th 20hr 0-1 W+14,5
Board 2: Félicien Mazille (dragonrojo) - Jan Ramon (janr)
Friday 12th 20hr 0-1 B+R
Board 3: Joseph Renner (shmoolong) - Kwinten Missiaen (kwik)
Thursday 11th 20hr 0-1 W+R
Board 4: Lorenz Trippel (betterlife) - Dominique Versyck
(dversyck) Friday 12th 20hr 0-1 B+R
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