Andenne Tournament

For the first time, ASBL Pierre Philosophale invites you to its Go tournament in the Maison des Jeunes le Hangar in Andenne (Namur - Belgium)!

Whether you are an experienced player, a beginner or just interested in Go, we will welcome you on Saturday 30th September 2017 and Sunday 01st October 2017.

Tournament format

Five rounds MacMahon without handicap.
Timing: 1 hour per player + byo-yomi: 15 stones for 5 minutes
Komi: 6.5

Non-smoking tournament.

Registration and entry Fee

  • 10€ for registration and payment before the 27/09/2017
  • 15€ after the 27/09/2017
  • -5€ for Players born after 30/09/2005

You can pay the fee by transfer on our bank account with the communication: "SnapBack" + your name + your rank. Information about the bank account of the ASBL Pierre Philosophale are BE91 0018 1793 3176 (BIC : GEBABEBB).

Please note that you only qualify for the early registration fee if the payment arrives before 27/09/2017. It is your responsibility to take into account the possible delay of your bank in transferring money. When your payment arrives after 27/09/2016, you risk having to pay the late registration fee on site, after which your original payment will be refunded minus administration costs.

Players from outside the Euro zone facing high bank transfer costs, qualify for the early registration fee if they register online before 27/09/2017.

If you pre-register and cannot make it for the first round, you are expected to notify the organization. For this, you can use the phone numbers +32 474 27 78 64 or +32 478 61 36 09. In addition to any consequences as specified in EGF rules, not showing up for the first round without warning the organization will forfeit the tournament.

Once your registration fee has been received, you will be paired for the first round. You only have to confirm your presence if there are mistakes in your name or rating on our wall-list.

You can cancel your registration by warning us. Before 27/09/2017, maximum 8€ will be refunded, after 27/09/2017 only 7.5€.


Please send an email to stating your name, country, club and level; or use the contact form in the bottom of the webpage

Registered players


A special prize will be awarded to the winner of the tournament, the most deserving player, and the player from the most distant region / country.

Prizes are guaranteed for all the players with 4 or 5 wins.
Prizes for top places are determined by the MMS score and SOS. Prizes are divided equally if both MMS and SOS are equal.


The 1st table will have the privilege of playing on a traditional Goban.
A retransmission of the 1st table will take place on the internet.
A BBQ and a bar are provided during the two-day tournament. Guests can enjoy eating and drinking on site.
Initiations to the Go and a revision space are provided.

A lottery will take place on the second day.


If you have difficulty finding accommodation, it is possible to sleep on site. In this case, please inform the organization by e-mail (, and take your sleeping equipment (Air mattress, cover ...).

Activities (Karaoke, cards, board games ...) will be organized in the evening according to the number of people.



10:00 - Opening of registration
10:40 - Deadline of registration
11:00 - First Round
14:00 - Second Round
16:30 - Third Round


10:00 - Fourth Round
13:00 - Fifth Round
16:30 - Prize giving



Maison des jeunes “Le Hangar”
Rue Provost, 3
5300 Andenne

How to get there

The tournament location is 10 minutes walking from the Andenne’s train station.
5 minutes away from the center of Andenne.

Older Results


Former winners

Edition Year Winner
1 2017 Marie Jemine, 1D