Pavol Lisy wins the 3rd European Professional Championship

The 3rd European Professional Championship, in which participated nearly all active European professional players, was organized from 6th to the 9th of February in Romania.

Pavol Lisy (5/6 - defeated by Ali Jabarin) won this edition, followed by Ilya Shikchine (5/6 - defeated by Pavol Lisy) and Artem Kachanovskij (4/6).

These 3 players will represent European in forthcoming professional tournaments.

Further, ended...
4th: Alexander Dinerstein (3/6)
5th: Mateusz Surma (2/6)
6th: Ali Jabarin (2/6)
7th: Andreii Kravets (0/6)

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Amazing how these pros are close in strength (Ilya seems to be a little stronger and Andreii a little weaker than the others): in tournaments in which they play each other, they alternate good and less good results (f.i. compare the results of Lisy and of Jabarin here with the ones they got in Olomuc : ...