Intermediate results of the final round of the Belgian Championship after 1st WE (5 rounds out of 9)

After the 1st WE of the Belgian Championship, the holder of the title, Lucas Neyrinck (5-d) is the only competitor still unbeaten (5/5).
Two players have a 4/5 score: Thomas Connor (4-d) and Fran├žois Gonze (4-d)
Two others have 3/5: Lucmann Bounoider (3-d) and Thibault Pillon (1-d).
and three 2/5: Marie Jemine (2-d), Nelis Vets (2-d) and Gabriel Mercier (3-d).
Still waiting their 1st victory are Joost Vannieuwenhuyse (1-k) and Vincent Lochen (4-k) (Vincent replaced at the last minute Bram Vandenbon).