Chinese Xin HE wins the 2019 KPMC; Dominik Versyk ends with 3 wins (out of 6 rounds)

Chinese Xin HE remained unbeaten in the 14th edition of the KPMC (Korean Prime Minister Cup, more or less the Korean version of the World Amateur Championship).

He ended ahead of:
CHOI Won Jin from Korea (who only lost to He),
KAWAGUCHI Tsubasa from Japan (who only lost to Choi) and of
LO Sheng-Shieh from Taïwan (who only lost to Kawaguchi).

Best Westerner (and European): young (he is 15 years old) German raising star Arved PITTNER (5d), who ended 5th.

Our representative, Dominik Versyk (2d) ended 36th out of 62 competitors, with a 3/6 score (expected wins against Bulgaria, Ecuador and Brunei, and expected defeats to USA, Australia and Netherlands).

Complete results here: