Rating list FAQ

What is a rating?

A rating is a statistic of your playing strength in 'serious' (mostly tournament) games.

I think my rating is not correct. What should I do?

  1. In order to have an accurrate estimation of your strength, statistics are needed. Therefore, the first important thing is to play games and report results.
    Notice that your club captain can also report the result of club games. Please encourage him to do so (or volunteer to help him!)

  2. If insufficient results are reported, only a guess at your strength can be made.
    Players who didn't play or report results for some time can have a strength significantly different from the one of the rating list. A manual change may be necessary then (see below).

  3. If your rating strongly differs from your actual strength and you (and your club captain) fail to request a manual adaptation of your rating, it may become difficult to register properly for a tournament. In that case, please read the rules below.

What is a manual update and how should it be requested?

If insufficient results are reported to make an accurrate estimation of your rating, and you have become much stronger quickly, your rating and strength may be significantly different

  • If you are weaker than 6kyu, your club captain can estimate your rating and send a request to the rating list maintainer.
  • If you are stronger than 6kyu, then you can send a motivated request to the rating list maintainer. The rating commission will then decide on this issue.

My rating is incorrect. Can I register with a different rank for a tournament?

In principle, you should allways register for a tournament with your correct rank.
Incorrect registration gives the tournament organisers extra work, and can cause bad pairings.

For kyu players, when registering for a Belgian tournaments, small self-promotions can be tolerated, on the following conditions:

  • You asked your club captain to request for a manual update, but this has not reached the rating list yet.
  • You are confident that you have at least the claimed strength. If you loose all your games, there will be no evidence that you are stronger than your official rating. It is therefore better to be sufficiently conservative in your rank claim.
  • You inform the tournament organisation that you register with a different rank.
  • If your official rank is between -600 and -1, the difference between your claimed rank and your official rank may be at most 1 stone (but do not register as a dan player). Between -600 and -1300, the difference may be 2 stones.

I'm a club captain (or his deleguate. What are my rating-list related tasks?

Club captains are asked to

  • report results of 'serious' club games.
  • observe the club members, notice outdated ratings and request manual updates if necessary
  • Check and print the rating list before an interclub match, so it is possible to play with a fair handicap.
  • Check the rating list before other major Belgian tournaments (such as Brussels, Leuven, ...)

Where can I find more details on the rating list

Most details can be found on the old information page.
Note that any information here has precedence on what is on the old page.