China won KPMC; Lucas Neirynck, our representative, reached the final tour, but lost in 1st round to Japan

Lucas Neirynck is our representative in the 2020 KPMC (Korean Prime Minister Cup), which is the "Korean version" of the World Amateur Go Championship. There are 61 participants.

All games are played on-line.

Through the first part of the tournament, Lucas qualified from a group of 4 European countries by finishing 2nd (defeat to Hungary, but wins against Cyprus and Turkey).

He lost in the 1st round of the final rounds of the tournament, a knock-out tournament with the 32 qualified competitors.

Quarters of final are: Korea-Canada, South Africa-Japan, China-USA, Taïwan-Hong Kong
Semi finals: Japan - Korea and China - Hong Kong
Final: Japan - China (yes, Japan won to Korea ! )
Winner: Tianfang Ma (China)

Complete results: