Lucman Bounoider (3d), 2021 rapid games Belgian champion

Lucman Bounoider won the 2021 edition of the Belgian Championship of rapid games (15 min per player, sudden death; handicap - 2).
He has already been champion in 2017

There were 8 participants (a rather dissappointing figure)

Lucman got 6 wins in 7 rounds (he only lost to Renaud Gaban).
Two players ended with 5 wins and completed the podium: Yvan Nollet (4-k) (2nd) and Renaud Gaban (4-k)(3rd).(Yvan won their mutual game, which is the criterium as tie-breaker).

Jinming He (3-d) and Naomi Benseid (4-k) got 3 wins. And Michael Silcher (4-k), Jean-Denis Hennebert (4-k) and Gaspard Leleux (8-k) got 2 wins.