Communication: position of the Board of the Belgian Go Federation concerning the war in Ukraine

Here is the position of the board of the Belgian Go Federation concerning the war in Ukraine.

This statement has been communicated to the European Go Federation (EGF).

NB: a special EGF general meeting has been organized Thursday 03/03/2022 to discuss and vote on some resolutions.

The Belgian Go Federation....

1. condemns the Russian invasion in the strongest terms and expresses strong support for the Ukrainians, but also for the Russians who have the courage to affirm their opposition to the war.

2. calls the EGF and the European Go community to condemn the war on Ukraine in the strongest terms; even though as being apolitical the EGF may want to refrain from strong ethical / political statements, the EGF constitution makes it our mission to protest against actions perturbing or even destroying Ukrainian Go activities.

3. appeals to cancel all events planned in Russia (and to the extent it can't be guaranteed that events won't get disturbed by violence or sanctions also in Belarus and Ukraine).

4. hopes that the administrators of the Russian Go Federation will (join us to) condemn the Russian invasion (should they be able to do so without risking their own safety !).

5. thinks that the Russian Go players should not be allowed to represent their country in EGF events, but should not be further stigmatized and should be authorized to participate individually under neutral EGF banner.