6th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium defeated by Norway (1-3). The last round will be decisive !

Belgian team has been defeated for the 1st time this season.
Norway won 3-1 against a Belgian team in which Lucas Neirynck and some other "big shots" did not play this time, and thus less strong than usually.

Before the last round, Belgium remains leader, but Lithuania (who did win this round) has catched up: both teams have 9 points.
And further, Spain (8 points) and even Norway (7 points) can still hope to climb in B-league !
Hitchcocks's suspense thus ! :-)

Results of the round here: https://pandanet-igs.com/communities/euroteamchamps/rounds/787
Standings: https://pandanet-igs.com/communities/euroteamchamps