KIM Jung-Sung wins unbeaten the Korean Prime Minister Cup; Lucas Neirynck 22nd out of 52 participants.

The Korean Prime Minister Cup is the Korean version of the World Amateur Championship.

The 2022 has been won by 1. Jung-Sun KIM (Korea), who ended unbeaten (but in absence of representative from China).
Five competitors got a 5/6 score: in the order after tie-breaker:
2. Yu-Chang LAI (Taïwan),
3. Minoru OZEKI (Japan)
4. (best European and best Westerner) Rob Van Zeijst (Netherlands) (who is nearly 60 years old)
followed by the representative of 5. Vietnam and of 6. New-Zeeland.

Our representative was Lucas Neirynck, who ended 22th out of a field of 52 competitors, with a 3/6 score and rather expected results: + against Iran, Columbia and Finland; - against Japan, New-Zeeland and France.

Completed results here: