Belgian Go Federation General Assembly 2024 (ONLINE)

14/01/2024 - 14:00
14/01/2024 - 18:00

The Belgian Go Federation wishes you a happy new year 2024 !!!.

And invites you to the annual General Assembly of the Belgian Go Federation, which will be held the 14th January 2024 at 14:00.

This meeting is a unique moment to discuss over every Go related activities in Belgium.
Representatives of every Go club in Belgium are expected, and every BGF member is invited to participate.
Please come with your enthusiasm and your projects to shape up the future of the Belgian Go life !

It's also an important opportunity to discover what the Federation does and maybe join us as volunteer or as member of the board (with a board of only 3 members - we terribly need more volunteers !).


1. Report on the activities (by the president) and financial report (by the treasurer) of 2023
2. Projects & ideas for 2024 (and later) and adoption of the 2024 budget
3. Election of the Board of Administration

To participate, please send an e-mail to «».

The meeting will take place ONLINE so more people can participate.
Use the invitation link sent to every member having replied via e-mail.

In case of trouble you can also try to join us on DISCORD Baduk Cafe.