Kim Jung Seon (KOR) wins the 43rd WAGC (World Amateur Go Championship); Bram Vandenbon ends 32th out of 46 players (3/7 score)

As usually, the Asiatic players trusted the 1st places in the 43th WAGC !
1. Kim Jung Seon (KOR) 7/7
2. Yang Chuhun (CHI) 6/7
3. Lai Yu-Chang (TW) 5/7
4. Kurita Yoshiko (JAP) 5/7
5. best Westerner: Alan Huang (USA) 5/7
7. Best European: Jonas Welticke (DE) 5/7


"Our guy" was Bram Vandenbon, who scored a fair 3/7 (wins to UK, Croatia, Mexico; losses to France, Chili, Luxembourg and Poland)

Complete results via the site of the EGF: