14th Louvain-la-Neuve Go Tournament

When? The week-end of 1st and 2nd November

Where? Room « la Ratatouille », at the first floor of AGL building (35 rue Georges Lemaître, Louvain-la-Neuve)

- 10 euros
- 5 euros for 15 kyu and less.

1st prize: 50 euros
2nd prize: 30 euros
3rd prize: 20 euros

And a prize for everyone with 4 or 5 victories!

- Japanese rules, 6.5 of komi
- 1 hour main time for each player, and canadian byo yomi 15 stones/5 minutes


Saturday 1st november
10h00: Inscriptions
10h30: 1st round
13h30: 2nd round
16h00: 3rd round

Sunday 2nd november
10h30: 4th round
13h30: 5th round
16h30: Prize giving