Go4 Japan - 9 and 10 April 2011 (formerly the 4th Antwerp Go Tournament)

A bit about the tournament

Because of the terrible tragedy that has befallen the nation of Japan, we have decided to make this tournament a support rally tournament instead of just another tournament.
All the money we receive from the registration will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society in order to support them a little in their actions.
This means that we won't have any money available for prizes though, but we assume no one will object to this.... Should you have registered already and are you unwilling to support this cause, please notify us and we will reimburse your registration fee.
The fixed registration fee will be waived, you can donate however much you are willing to spare. Although a minimum of 5 Euros is required to be able to participate in the tournament.

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


De Zurenborger
Dageraadplaats 4
2018 Antwerpen

Tournament system

Tournament System: 5 rounds MacMahon, European Tour regulations apply
Time limit: 1 hour, Canadian byo-yomi, 20 stones / 5 minutes
Rules: Japanese
Komi: 6½ points


5 euro minimum in order to participate, but you are free to donate more.
This can be wired to the account of our chairman Marcel van Herck: 320-0592988-97. Please be sure to mention "AGT + name".
Or you can pay on-site.
We do prefer you to at least fill out the registration form, so we may know how many will be participating.
All the money we receive through registration will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.


Saturday   Sunday
10:00-10:20 : registration    
10:30 : 1st round   10:00 : 4th round
13:30 : 2nd round   13:00 : 5th round
16:30 : 3rd round   16:00 : closing ceremony


Since we donate everything to the Japanese Red Cross Society, we will have no more prize-money available for this tournament.
(If you already registered and don't approve of this change, feel free to contact us and we will reimburse your registration fee.)

Online Registration
Registred players