Cosmic Go League

What about playing frequent, serious and ranked games in a convivial atmosphere with players from the whole country?
Join the Cosmic Go League: free and open to any member of the Belgian Go Federation!
The League players gather every 2-3 weeks on Sunday at 14:00 to play a serious ranked game. Every 6 rounds the best player is granted a surprise prize.
The date and place of each round are indicated on the site’s calendar. No preregistration or subscription fee is needed.

The rules

  • No handicap, komi : 6,5.
  • Clock: Japanese byo-yomi, 1h30 + 5*40 sec.
  • Opponents are designated just before the round. Maximum one bye per round for each player.
  • Points accounting method:
    • One point for a lost game or a bye
    • Two points for a tie
    • Three points for a win
    • If two players have the same amount of points at the end of the period, the player who has the highest win percentage wins the period.
  • The League is supported by the Belgian Go Federation, so only regular members can join. However if you occasionally bring a foreign player, he can play in the League if he’s member in his national federation.
  • The League games results are transmitted to the rating system.

If you find a nice place convenient for the League use on Sundays afternoon, your offer is welcome.
If you want to contact us for any suggestion, remark or request, please write to

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