KGS+ with the BGF

Belgian Go Federation helps you to pay KGS+ subscription!

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This year, Belgian Go Federation offers to contribute to its members's subscription to KGS+ for the whole year to come. We benefit, at first, from the reduced rate on group subscriptions (50$ = 34,67€ per person); then Belgian Go Federation offers a discount of 15€ if you subscribe for a year ! That means only 20€ instead of 55$ = 38,13€! You save more money than what you paid for your membership!

Concretely, you just have to send 20€ on the Belgian Go Federation's bank account (775-5962122-38) with the note "KGS+", your name and your surname. You KGS nickname is normally part of the info detained by the Federation about you. If it's not the case, you'll be asked by e-mail, if your e-mail address on the website is valid.
That means that you can even offer KGS+ to one of your friends! If that's not great news! You just have to enter his name and surname instead of yours.

The deadline to send the money is 10th May 2011. You'll get the schedule and details by mail at the address on which your KGS nickname is registered.

For more info, please contact