Club presidents: how to register a member

Club president

Your role is crucial for the federation, especially concerning communication.

  • Operate member registration and collect membership fees for the BGF (see this page)
  • Explain what is the Belgian Go Federation and what advantages people can benefit by becoming a member (see this page)
  • Communicate daily information about the BGF (tournaments to come, General Assembly, go lessons...)
  • Ask every year if your players want to take part to the interclubs and choose a team captain
  • Help the board of administration to have a better understanding of members' need and members to enjoy playing go in Belgium
  • Sending club games to the rating as explained here

New member

A new member has to be registered on this website. Please follow these steps to create a new account:
Log in on the website (left column) and click on BGF-admin --> Members --> add; then enter the required information:

  • Family name and first name;
  • Email address (important! We communicate through this);
  • Other contact fields: please add complete address and phone number.

After pressing the "add contact" button, you'll be redirected to the page "accounts". Create an account name and enter the member's email address again (he'll receive an email to confirm the account). Attention please: when you create account for the BGF website, please prefer something like "last name + first letter of first name" rather than "hikaru007", thank you!

Then scroll down and fill in the KGS account field too, it's required for KGS+ subscriptions operated though the BGF.

It's not over! Read the next chapter, it applies for new members as well as former members.

Yearly membership

Log in and find in the left column BGF-admin --> members --> ├ęditer, then choose the member you want to update, press "edit" right to his name, then press "membership" in the upper line and add membership for the current year. The next step is validation by the treasurer.

Please send membership fees to the BGF account (775-5962122-38) AND an email to board at gofed dot be with the name of the members who paid for the current year (and the name of the club). As soon as the treasurer receives the money, he'll validate the membership.

The membership fee is indicated on this page, it is voted at the annual General Assembly.

Rating, delay, complaints

The update of the rating page can take some time and members often complain about that. Check that all your job is done and please explain them that all is done by volunteers who have to cope with work, study and other daily life problems besides BGF, that can explain the delay.

Thank you for your cooperation!