European Team Go Championship 2011: subscription

Registration for the 2011 European Team Go Championship on PandaNet will open soon. As Belgium took part successfully to this tournament last year, we can make up a team for this year. If you want to subscribe, please notify etgc2011 at There is no level limit to apply, you just need to be a member of the BGF.

The rounds are usually played at 8pm, on Tuesday, but we arrange the schedule according to everyone's wishes. In each meeting, four Belgian players face four foreign players, ranged by strength; but don't worry, there are different leagues according to the average level of the team, so we won't play against players too strong or too weak for us. You can find more information on the official website:

A team can welcome at most 12 players. It allows us a big flexibility, since only 4 players have to play each match (there are 9 rounds a year, but as the year begins in Sept/Oct and ends in May, it makes about one game per month). We arrange the meetings by Doodle, it's very convenient.

At the EGF meeting in Bordeaux, it was decided that the games played in the league online could be integrated to the European ranking (though having a very small impact because classed as "class C games" and only counted after the end of the league).

So if you want to play, please write an email to etgc2011 at Enjoy!