Yunguseng subscription for Belgian players

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Attention! Belgian players don't have to pay directly to Switzerland, but to the BGF bank account before the first of the participation month (ex: if you want to take part in January we should receive your money latest on Dec. 31st). Please write an explicite communication and send the money to 775-5962122-38. You have to be a regular member of BGF (until February you have to be regular member in 2011 or 2012, in March and later you have to be a regular member in 2012)

Starting from 2012, Belgian players can take part to the Swiss Yunguseng Dojang. They even benefit a 15€ discount (once per year). That means that the first time you take part in 2012, you can pay 15€ less than the normal price. That subvention is offered by the Belgian Go Federation to enhance studying Go.

Length Standard price Student price Spectator price
1 month 95€ (80€ first time) 50€ (35€ first time) 40€ (25€ first time)
3 months 240€ (225€ first time) 135€ (120€ first time) 100€ (85€ first time)
6 months 420€ (405€ first time) 240€ (225€ first time) -