Belgian Championship second weekend

In the second weekend of the Belgian Championship, Kevin Prist lost against Jan Ramon and Lucas Neirynck lost against Kwinten Missiaen. As Jan had already lost to Lucas in the first weekend, before the last round three players had 7 points.
In the last round, Jan won from Bram Vandenbon.
But Hitchcock was hanging by, as Lucas and Kevin were to meet in this last round: Should Kevin wins, Jan would be Belgian champion. If Lucas wins, Lucas would be champion.
The game, which lasted very long and counted nearly 400 moves (both players ended with negative points !), was finally decided with the last ko !
Kevin felt short of just ONE ko thread and thus lost by half a point. Ironically enough, there was actually still another ko thread ...that a tired and byo-yomied Kevin did not see !
So, Lucas became a little luckily Belgian champion 2013, and Jan an unfortunate silver medal.
In the end, the first five (qualitiving) places went to Lucas Neirynck, Jan Ramon, Kwinten Missiaen, Kevin Prist and Bram Vandenbon (curiously enough, places 1 to 7 are the same as in 2012 !) See full results