9th (and last) round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Austria 0-4

As expected, Belgium was severly beaten by Austria, one of the 3 strong teams of the B-division.

Finland (1st, next year thus in A-league), Austria (2nd, will play a match against Israƫl to possibly climb into A-league) and Netherlands (who ended 3rd at tie-break and will thus stay in B-league) dominated by far the other teams.

Thus this match did not matter for the final standing: Belgium ended 4th (out of 10 teams).

Here are the detailled results of the 9th round:

Here are the final standings of this 3rd edition if the European Team Championship:

PS: the 4 best teams of the A-division (Russia, Ukraine, Czechia and Hungary) will play against each other during the next European Congress in Poland this summer to designate the champion team...