2013 European Go Championship: Fan Hui is European Champion

Ex-chinese professional Fan Hui (who has recently got the French nationality) became last week the new European champion.

He defeated in final young (18) Pavol LISY from Slovakia (who was the winner in the last Brussels tournament).

In the little final for the 3rd place, opposing 2 other young talents, Mateusz SURMA (PL) beat Thomas DEBARRE (FR).

Results of the finals:

Note the elimination of two great favourites Ilya SHIKCHIN and Artem KACHANOVSKI in the 1st round (= quarter finals) of the finals (respectively by LISY and DEBARRE), and the bad result of multiple European champion Alexander DINERSTEIN, who even failed to qualify for the finals !

Complete results of the main tournament:

Still, Ilya SHIKCHIN did win the WE tournament, beating among others, Fan HUI !

Results of the WE tournament: