Preliminaries Belgian Championship 2016

Last WE, 20 participants gathered to try to get one of the 5 qualifying places for the final tour of the 2016 Belgian Championship (to be organized in Spring next year).

The following players made it to the final:
1. Fran├žois Gonze (3-d) 7/7
2. Nelis Vets (2-d) 5/7
3. Wang Yue (2-d) 5/7
4. Joost Vannieuwenhuysen (2-k) 5/7
5. Vincent Quoilin (2-k) (/5/7)(who surprinsingly won against Bram)

First 2 reserves are
6.Bram Vandenbon (2-d)
7.Chi Yiu Wong (2-k).

Complete results will follow soon.