By beating in the last days of 2022 the only other registered pair (Marie Jemine 1d & Gints Engelen 1k), the pair Larisa Popescu 1d & Sven Cuyt 2d conquered the title of 2022 Belgian champion. Congratulations to them.

Youth and Student Belgian Championship 2010

1Prist Kevin3KLe Pantin6171055+4+2+7+3+8+
2Annachachibi Kevin4KLe Pantin5201023+6+1-5+7+4+
3Khatchaturian David6KLe Pantin320972-8+6+4-1-7+
4French Daniel4KLe Pantin3191007+1-5-3+9+2-
5Dzienisiuk Adrian6KLe Pantin317851-10+4+2-6-9+
6Dany Maximilien5KLe Pantin3127710+2-3-8+5+0-
7Bounoider Lucman8KLe Pantin217934-9+10+1-2-3-
8Duvinage Cédric15KLe Pantin112580-3-9+6-0=1-
9Petipas Lucyna20KLe Pantin09650=7-8-0-4-5-
10Caers Bart17KLeuven08466-5-7-0-0-0-

Results in .txt file : YOUTH2010.txt