Board and stones at reduced prices (only for members)

Members can buy wooden board and glass stones at reduced prices (about 50 % of the price in a store !) via the BGF !

Cost is
- 20€ for a wooden go board
- 25€ for a glass stones set

This cost do not include the delivery.
Actually, we do not ensure the delivery !

1. Contact 
Bernard Frank
Tel : 010/40.20.85
Address: Ottignies


Jean-Denis Hennebert
Tel : 0474/49.79.25
Address: Ruisbroek

2. Take the money with you (exact amount) when you will receive the material, or pay the amount to the BGF BEFORE getting the material (we check you have paid before giving it to you)
775-5962122-38; IBAN : BE24-7755-9621-2238.

PS: maximum one set of each per member !