New Go Club

You have the project to start a Go club ?
The Federation can support your project.


The Federation can provide you with a "starter kit". This material (goban) is second hand but sold at very low price:

This "starter kit" consists in:
- 2 sets of glass stones for 5 € each
- 2 gobans 19x19 for 5 € each
- 2 gobans 13x13/9x9 free
- 1 goban 7x7/6x6 free

Therefore, the starter kit costs 30 EUR.

- Actually, this cost should be covered by your "club membership fee" (f.i. 5 €) within a couple of years
- In the case your club ceases its activities, the Federation guarantees you to buy the material back at buying price (deducing damage, if any).

PS: in case you wish better quality or more material: we sell it at (cost) price, the reduced prices only apply for the starter kit,

We also give some promotional / pedagogic material (visit cards...) for free.

Helpful links

- Promotional documentation is available at the "promotional material" section on the site
- Internet help:

Of course to benefit from these services you need to be member of the Belgian Go Federation yourself.

Ready to start your club ?

1. Send an email to with complete contact information of the new club president, name of the club, adress and the meeting hours.
This will be published on the gofed site.
You will then receive an email adresse such as "" which will be linked to the adress of the president of the club to allow everyone to contact your club.

2. Send an email to "" mentioning what you would need and where and how we could meet you.

3. Once your club is launched, please see this page.