Go movie at the China Cultural Center in Brussels

The recently open China Cultural Center in Brussels will show a movie related to go on the 9th and 11th of May. It is open to everyone and free, but it is necessary to register in advance.

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2nd European Grand Slam Tournament in Berlin

The most (qualitatively) important European tournament of the year was organized this WE in Berlin (top amateurs had to fight in a preliminary tournament to join the European pros for this Grand Slam tournament).

Ali Jabarin (1-p, IL) won 1st prize (10.000 € !) by beating in final Artem Kachanovski (1-p, UA)
(winner of the 1st edition last year, Ilya Shikchin, lost already in 1/4 finals)...

Here are the results:

Preliminary round
Lukáš Podpera vs Artem Kachanovskyi B+Resign
Alexander Dinerchtein vs Andrij Kravets W+Resign
Catalin Taranu vs Csaba Mero W+12.5
Dusan Mitic vs Cristian Pop W+2.5

Quater Final
Artem Kachanovskyi vs Ilya Shikshin W+Resign
Pavol Lisy vs Dusan Mitic W+Resign
Alexander Dinerchtein vs Ali Jabarin B+5.5
Mateusz Surma vs Catalin Taranu W+1.5

Mateusz Surma vs Ali Jabarin B+6.5
Pavol Lisy vs Artem Kachanovskyi B+3.5

Ali Jabarin vs Artem Kachanovskyi W+Resign

Small Final: Mateusz Surma vs Pavol Lisy B+Resign
Place 5-6: Alexander Dinerchtein vs Catalin Taranu W+Resign
Place 7-8, Dusan Mitic vs Ilya Shikshin W+Resign

Dominique Versyck (2-d) wins in Liège

Dominique Versyck (2-d) made his comeback into Belgian go life by winning the 1st edition of the tournament of Liège. Second was Guillaume Lescuyer (2-k)

There were an encouraging 22 participants.

Complete results:

9th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Hungary 0-4

In April, Belgian team (Jan, Kwinten, Nelis, Gabriel) lost heavily (0-4) like previous month, this time against Hungary.

With 2 rounds still to be played, Belgium is now 8th out of 12 teams in this B-league, having only 2 points more than the potentially descending teams !

Here are the results of the round:

And here the standings after this round:

Lucas Neirynck is Belgian champion 2016

Lucas Neirynck conquered his 6th title of Belgian Champion (see palmares here:
He remained unbeaten in the finals of the Belgian Championship.

François Gonze ended at the 2nd place.

Gabriel Mercier, Kevin Prist and Jan Ramon, ex aequo, completed a (large) podium.

These 5 players are qualified for the 2017 finals.

Thomas Connor, Nelis Vets, Vincent Quoilin and Joost V. will have to fight in the premiminaries to get a qualifying place to the finals...

PS: Wang Yue was absent (and informally replaced by Tom, a double digit kyu)

Here are the results:

1. Lucas Neirynck 9/9
2. François Gonze 7/9
3. Gabriel Mercier, Kevin Prist and Jan Ramon 6/9
6. Thomas Connor 4/9
7. Nelis Vets 4/9
8. Vincent Quoilin 2/9
9. Joost Vannieuwenhuizen 1/9
10. Tom 0/9


8th round of the European team championship: Belgium - Poland 0-4

In March, Belgian team (Kwinten, Nelis, Dominique, Gabriel) lost heavily (0-4) against a strong opponent: Poland.

Belgium is now in the middle of the "peloton" (6th out of 12 teams) in this B-league.

Here are the results of the round:

And here the standings after this round:

interesting: a dynamic view of the top-10 champions since 1974 (you tube)

So as to think about something else in this dark day...
This dynamic video shows the day-to-day evolution of the top 10 go players since 1974...

Interesting to see the emergence of China and Korea since 1990...(and sudden AlphaGo's appearance at 2nd place a few days ago)...

Start interclub 2016

This week the first match of the interclub 2016 will be played. A stunning amount of 8 clubs are participating, the highest amount in a decade.

You can find the interclub schedule and results here:

May the best club win.

The end of human's superiority on A.I. in go: AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol 4-1

DeepMind’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence (A.I.), AlphaGo, defeated Lee Sedol in the final game of the Google DeepMind Challenge Match, winning the five game match with a 4–1 score.

AlphaGo now goes down in history as the 1st computer Go program to defeat a top professional player, and was awarded an honorary professional 9 dan rank by the Korean Baduk Association (note: AG is even ranked nr 2 on :-).

More info on

PS:....among many others sites and articles...the event was largely commented !
For instance: Michael Silcher (member of the board) was interviewed on RTBF. Listen to him here:

Lee Sedol fights back in the match against AlphaGo

Although the match is already won by AlphaGo, the remaining games are played to the full. Lee Sedol won game 4 holding white thanks to a brilliant move in a difficult middle game. This move was even qualified as "god move" by Gu Li, 9p.

This win is quite important from a symbolic point of view. It also exposes some weaknesses of AlphaGo that were invisible so far.

Game 5 will be held on Tuesday 15 March. It has been agreed that Lee Sedol will hold black.