Volunteers needed for 2020 festivals

The 2020 festivals season will start soon with a few important events in Bruxelles.

--> The Made in Asia festival is postponed to September (see below) because of Corona virus.

EPFC - Enseignement de Promotion et Formation Continue

Avenue de l’Astronomie, 19 - 1210 Bruxelles

Bruxelles Games Festival

Parc du Cinquantenaire - Brussels

Made In Asia

Brussels Expo - Laeken

I Love Science Festival

Friday 13 Novembre 9:00 → Sunday 15 Novembre 18:00
Brussels Expo (Palais 1) - Laeken

The Belgian Go Federation will be there in these festivals to present the game of Go and play many mini-board games with festival visitors.
To participate, you don’t need to be of very high level, but enthusiasm and a bit of preparation for presentation and pedagogy is needed.

If interested, your help would be very welcome: then please take contact with secretary@gofed.be.
We will need a minimum of 3-4 volunteers every day.