Information for handling of the ratings (tournament organizers, club presidents...) - how to send games results ?


Who does update the ratings ?

Several contributors maintain the system to keep the rating list up to date.
  • The Rating Commission
    • decides on the general rules to be used to calculate the ratings
    • decides on any issue or individual requests regarding ratings, especially for the "strong" players (stronger than 5-kyu).
    • For the handling of the ratings in the Belgian Go Federation, the Ratings Commission is responsible. To contact them, you can use the email "rating at gofed dot be" There have been years without rating commission active. In that case, the technical team applies a set of common practices and the board decides on more unusual or exceptional cases.
  • Tournament organizers
    • report the results of club games in a suitable format (see below)
    • check the correctness of the rating list
  • Club presidents
    • register all new players who join the Federation and provide a first estimation of the level of the player to the rating commission.

      (the Federation would like every member to have a rating !)

    • request manual updates if necessary, especially for beginners who improve often very fast. Manual updates up to 5 kyu level (rating - 450) do not need to be approved by the rating commission: the club president has just to ask for the manual update by sending an e-mail to "rating at gofed dot be".
    • report results of 'serious' club games
  • Players
      Players participating in tournaments outside Belgium can send the name of the tournament if the results can be found on the web (especially the EGD), or send the results otherwise. Players who are not members of the Belgian Go Federation don't have a Belgian rating.
The rating list published on the site is the official list of the Belgian Go Federation. For every operation regarding ratings (e.g. to determine handicaps in interclub games and for initial seeding in the belgian championship preliminary round), always the most recent list is used. If you notice an error, please inform the rating list maintainer. It is important that players, tournament organizers and club presidents report regularly games results for the rating system to work. One of the specific features of the Belgian system is that it allows to enter club games (i.e., results of less formal games between club members if they both agree in advance that the game is taken into account), this can help to make ratings evolve more smoothly than only with "tournament official games".

How to submit game results to the Ratings Commission

Results of tournaments and/or club games are to be sent to rating(at)

Always write the name of players as LastName FirstName, e.g.
Bogaerts Jan
Accents (éèëü...) are discarded and the system is case insensitive. Also the system makes no difference between Van Der Steen and Vandersteen.

Ranks are represented by a number and k or d. e.g. 3k means 3 kyu and 2d means 2 dan.

Tournament results

We recommend that you use MacMahon by Ch.Gerlach. Just send the .TUR file and the "wall-list for the rating program" export you can make with the program. If you prefer to do things manually, follow this example:
1  Li Chu   3D BE 			15	9+	2+	4+	3+	5+	5
2  Brongaerts Raoul  3D BE 			14	12+	1-	6+	7+	4+	4	66
3  Freheza Miha 3D NL			14	10+	5+	8+	1-	9+	4	64
4  Kronk Rob  3D NL			13	6+	15+	1-	8+	2-	3	65
5  Van der Krujk Harry 1D NL		13	16+	3-	11+	17+	1-	3	63
6  Wing Chi-Yi 2D BE			13	4-	12+	2-	15+	8+	3	62
So there is one player per line. Each line consists of field separated by spaces. The fields are:
  • Place in the tournament
  • LastName FirstName
  • Rank
  • Country (BE or BEL for Belgian players !)
  • Info (in this case macmahon score)
  • Results for every round. For handicap games write 2+/b4 if this player played black and received 4 stones. His opponent will have 10-/w4

Club Games

Use a text file with one game per line. Each line has 4 items seperated by ',':
Handicap is one digit (0..9) and Result is B for Black wins and W for White wins. Player names may be followed by (rank), which will be used when the player is not a member. E.g.
Connord Jan,Limov Cluexei (2d),4,W
is a handicap game between a Belgian player and a Russian 6 dan, with 4 handicap, won by white.