Belgian Rengo Championship 2023 results

The best teams of Belgium did gather for this 2023 Belgian RenGo Championship edition.

1) Yannick Kuy 3k & Edouard Jeanjean 15k - team "Random Movers"
2) Michael Silcher 4k & Moad Boukricha 10k - team "Go Squad"

Not a very quantitative edition but games were played seriously and we got both quality and fun.
We got of course the traditional question "is it my turn ?" many times, the stress of the byo-yomi and roller-coaster sequences requiring steel nerves from all players.

First game was very tense and ended in a victory for the first team by 2 points only after a last yose mistake.
The second game started with a joseki disaster and ended with a big capture in the center and the victory for the second team.

After passionate post-game analysis, it was already late and the teams were too tired to continue a third round. So this Championship ended with a tie score of 1 game won each and no decisive winner (everyone is winner...).