The 2008 European Go Congress


Winner of the 2008 open european go championship is (expectfully) one
of the 7-d Coreans.

Winner of this edition is Park Jong Wook, only player with 9 victories.
2nd is another 7-d Corean, and 3rd the Taiwanese competitor, Lai Yu-
Cheng (who ended 2nd in the 2004 WAGC and 5th in the 2007 WAGC).

The best European player is Catalin Taranu (5-p) from Romania, who
ended as 6th with 7 victories, just one litlle SOS-point ahead of
Alexander Dinerstein (3-p), and 4 SOS-points ahead of the other Russian
favourite and winner last year, Ilya Chikchine.

Our Corean guest, Kim Jung Hyeop, made pretty good with 8 victories
(among wich one against Dinerstein)!

The results of the participating Belgian were rather good.
In particular, Thomas Connor did very well as 2-d with 7 victories, and
is now promoted to 3-d level. Congratulations to him !

All the results here