Preliminaries Belgian championship 2014

Four players participated in the preliminaries of the Belgian championship 2014. The results are as follows:

Black White Result
Gonze Francois Boyen Kris 1-0
Versyck Dominique Vannieuwenhuyse Joost 1-0
Vannieuwenhuyse Joost Boyen Kris 0-1
Versyck Dominique Gonze Francois 0-1
Gonze Francois Vannieuwenhuyse Joost 1-0
Boyen Kris Versyck Dominique 1-0


The following players qualified for the finals:

  1. Gonze Francois (3pt, SODOS=3)
  2. Boyen Kris (2pt, SODOS=1)
  3. Versyck Dominique (1pt, SODOS=0)
  4. Vannieuwenhuyse Joost (0pt, SODOS=0)