Kim Yoon-Young 4P to visit Belgium

The Korean Baduk association has agreed to send Ms. Kim Yoon-Young 4P to come and visit us for the Brussels tournament.
She will also be present at some club activities, which will be posted shortly as this is a rather last-minute agreement.

For now we can tell you that she will be in Belgium from 23-10 untill 28-10
On Thursday (that's tomorrow) she will visit the club in Antwerp.
On Monday she will visit the club of Le Pantin in Brussels for their club-evening.

Korean professional visits Belgium for a week!

The Belgian Go Federation is proud to announce the visit of Cho Mikyung, a young Korean baduk professional, in Belgium. She will be among us for a week in late May. She has a good teaching experience (she has been teaching for a few years in Singapore) and speaks fluent English. We are very happy to welcome her.

We will organize visits in go clubs and we will try to organize lectures. Stay put for a complete schedule soon!

Report on the visit by 2 Korean professionnal on 25, 26 and 27/10/2013

Two Korean professional, Lee Young Sin (5-P) and Yoon Young Min (3-P) paid a visit in Belgium on 25, 26 and 27/10.

On Friday 25/10, we organised a event session in Leuven, during which they played simultaneous games, after some tsumego exercices as upwarming. Desappointing: there were only 8 members present ! :-(

On the WE of 26 and 27/10, the 2 pros were present during the Brussels tournament to comment the game(s) of every participants who whished to have his/her game(s) reviewed.

The Belgian Go association thanks them for their visit.
And thanks also the Korean baduk Association for making this event possible !

Wednesday 4/7 + WE 7 and 8/7 (during the Antwerp Go tournanment): visit by 2 Korean professional young women !

The Belgian Go association has the honour to welcome for a few days (from Wednesday 4/7 to Sunday 8/7)2 Korean professional young women, Park So Hyun and Ko Ju Yeong.

See a picture of them here:

More specifically:

1. Next Wednesday (from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM) in Brussel

They will play simultaneous games in the go club "Phenix - Outpost".
Every members is invited. This activity is free of charge.
Please come and experiment personally the strenght of a professional go player !

2. During the forthcoming tournament of Antwerpen, on 7/7 and 8/7:

During the tournament, they will comment various games
On Saturday night, they will play simultaneous games and/or comment a game of the tournament played by some dan level players.
One more reason to participate in the tournament of Antwerpen !

Koreans visit to Europe

Four strong Korean players,

Prof. Sang-Dae Hahn (6-d, leader of the group),
Young-Gil An (6-p, former world amateur champion),
Kang-Wook Lee (3-p, also former world amateur champion - in 2004) and
Kyung-Nang Kang (7-d, insei girl, 17 years old)

have visited the Leuven club on August 28.

They played each 4 simultaneous games with tremendous handicap (f.i. 4 stones against Jan Ramon, 4-d) and won nearly all of them...

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