23rd Brussels Tournament

The winner of the 23rd Brussels Tournament is Jin Zou (6d) with 5 victories! The second is Ondrej Silt (6d) and the third is Yue Li (6d).

All the results are available here.

You can find the pictures of the tournament here.

Thanks a lot to our sponsors (Pandanet, EGF and Marchand) and to all the players that made this tournament a great success.

Interclub - intermediate result after round 4

Dear Go friends,

this week the fourth round of interclub was played (except for the games between Pantin and Leuven, as Pantin was not able to send a team to Leuven and lost by forfait).

This leads to exciting new results, as we have a new top:
Namur has taken the lead with 11 points, leaving the rest far behind. Leuven became second with 8 points (and 23 weighted points), before Antwerpen and Pantin who share third place with also 8 points but only 19 weighted points. Gent has 7 points, Le Chaff 6.

With one more round to play, nothing is certain yet ...

Interclub - intermediate results after round 3

After the third round of interclub season 2008, we have the following exciting results:
Antwerpen and Pantin are leading with an ex aequo of 8 points (and 19 weighted points). They are followed by Namur (with seven points) and Le Chaff with 5 points. Leuven and Gent carry the proverbial red lantern together with 4 points (and 13 weighted points) each.
With two more rounds to play, any club can still win.

From this year on, the winning club of the season will be awarded a "wisselbeker / coupe de challenge" !

BelgoNet 18

BelgoNet 18 is now available in the member section.


Lecture by Kang Seung Hee 2p

On Friday July 4th the Korean professional player Kang Seung Hee 2p gave a lecture in Brussels from 8pm to 10pm. There were 18 participants


Outpost : Rue de la Tribune 8, 1000 Brussels

result interclub ronde 2

The second round of the interclub tournament has finished, with again almost every goban played (only one forfait).

The Brussels teams are still at the top with 5 points for both. Closely at their heels are Antwerpen and Leuven, at an ex aequo of 4 points and 9 weighted points. After that there's Gent and Namur, both with 3 points. Since all scores are close, we'll be sure to have an exciting interclub season this year !

BelgoNet 17

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results interclub round 1

Antwerpen Pantin 1-3
Namur Gent 2-2
Le Chaff Leuven 3-1

A strong start for Brussels, but nothing has been decided yet !

Belgo 83

After an absence of (nearly) one year, Belgo strikes back !

You can now read the new issue of Belgo in the members section :-)
Enjoy it !

Reminder: to access to the member section, you need a login, given to
you by your club responsible when you become member.

NB: you may also receive it freely on paper format by sending a demand
to belgopapier@gofed.be before 15th of May.

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Belgian Championship finals 2008 : new games were added in the Games section

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