Go movie at the China Cultural Center in Brussels

The recently open China Cultural Center in Brussels will show a movie related to go on the 9th and 11th of May. It is open to everyone and free, but it is necessary to register in advance.

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Lee Sedol fights back in the match against AlphaGo

Although the match is already won by AlphaGo, the remaining games are played to the full. Lee Sedol won game 4 holding white thanks to a brilliant move in a difficult middle game. This move was even qualified as "god move" by Gu Li, 9p.

This win is quite important from a symbolic point of view. It also exposes some weaknesses of AlphaGo that were invisible so far.

Game 5 will be held on Tuesday 15 March. It has been agreed that Lee Sedol will hold black.


AlphaGo beats world champion Lee Sedol with 3 straight wins

AlphaGo, the go playing software developed by Google Deepmind, has defeated Lee Sedol with three straight wins in their long awaited match!

This amazing achievement comes five months after AlphaGo won 5-0 against Fan Hui. Most of the commentators before the match predicted that AlphaGo had no chance to win against such a strong player as Lee Sedol. However, AlphaGo proved them wrong and edged Lee Sedol in every part of the first three games.

Go software AlphaGo beat European champion Fan Hui

An amazing feat occurred recently. The go software AlphaGo developed by Google DeepMind beat Fan Hui in a 5 games match with a clean 5-0!

This is a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Please read more at the following links.


Looking for participants in the Pandanet Team Championship

Hello dear all!

Next season of Pandanet Team European Championship should start next September (I'm still waiting for complete information). I decided to apply as next Belgian Team Captain if everyone agrees. Other Captain Candidates are welcome

Furthermore I would like to know who is ready to take part in the coming glorious fights against players from all over Europe ! Belgium is anchored in B league: we have to fight this year to make better results. Despite it is "only" B-league, there are pro players (Pavol Lisy and Ali Jabarin both 1p). It is a golden opportunity for us to play against such strong players and watch their games against our best elements!

By the way, it does not take a lot of time: around one game (2h30) per month, usually on tuesday evening.

In order to prepare next season I would like to know who is ready to take part in the event (we need 12 players). Please fill the next doodle (only for Belgian Players): fill your complete name and precise whether you want to play this year. If you are unavailable please let us know.


Waiting for all of you!
Best regards,
Gabriel Mercier.

Go Seigen (Wu Qinqyuan) passed away on 30/11

A sad news: Go Seigen, considered by many as the greatest player of the 20th century (if not in history) just passed away. He was 100 years old.


Change of playing site of the go club Le Pantin on saturday 15 February

Next saturday (15 February), the go club Le Pantin will meet at l'Eau Chaude/ Het Warm Water, Rue des Renards n°25, 1000 Bxl (between Place du Jeu de Balle and Rue Haute).

Map : http://fr.yelp.be/biz/het-warm-water-l-eau-chaude-bruxelles
Metro Porte de Hal
Bus 27 & 48
Easy parking Place du Jeu de Balle from 5pm on.

Change of playing site for Le Pantin

Chez Parrain, the cafe where the go club Le Pantin was gathering until now every saturday, has recently closed. We are looking for a new playing room. Next saturday, the club will be held at L'Union, Parvis de Saint-Gilles, Brussels at the usual playing times. However, this is not definite and we will update the new playing room as soon as we have found one. Check our website for updates.

General Assembly of the Members 2012-13: minutes of the meeting

L'Assemblée Générale annuelle, organise de décision suprême de notre fédération, a eu lieu dimanche 20/01/2013.

Les points à l’ordre du jour étaient les suivants:
1. bilan des activités de 2012 (par la présidente)
2. rapport financier 2012 (par le trésorier)
3. discussion sur les activités futures de la Fédération
4. fixation du budget 2013 (et du montant de la cotisation fédérale 2013)
5. élection statutaire du conseil d’administration

Le PV de cette réunion sera prochainement disponible dans la section réservée aux membres. Mais sachez déjà que le nouveau CA est composé de
- Thomas Connor, président (nouvellement élu)
- Jan Ramon, trésorier (porlonge son mandat)
- Vincent Quoilin (nouvellement élu)
- Joost Vannieuwenhuizen (prolonge son mandat)
(Marie Jemine, Vincent Lochen et Jean-Denis Hennebert étaient démissionnaires).


De Jaarlijkse Algemene Vergadering vond plaats op zondag 20/01/2013.

Op de agenda stonden de volgende punten:
1. Activiteitenverslag 2012 (door de voorzitter)
2. Financieel verslag 2012 (door de penningmeester)
3. Discussie over de toekomstige activiteiten van de BGF
4. Vastleggen budget 2013 (incl. vastlegging lidgeld)
5. Verkiezing van het bestuur

Binnenkort zal het PV van deze vergadering beschikbaar zijn in de "section restricted to the members".
Maar wij laten al jullie weten de nieuwe samenstelling van de Raad van Bestuur:
- Thomas Connor, voorzitter
- Jan Ramon, schatbewaarder
- Vincent Quoilin
- Joost Vannieuwenhuizen
(Marie Jemine, Vincent Lochen et Jean-Denis Hennebert hebben ontslag genomen).

Go workshop

Olivier Drouot and Thomas Connor started animating a go workshop on the basis of once a week. The idea is to discuss a professional game for 1h to 1h30. The workshop is scheduled Chez Parrain, Rue de Roumanie 56 in Brussels on saturday at 4pm.

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