Interclubs 2015

It has begun.

This year the interclubs rises to its old glory with 6 clubs competing : Antwerpen, Ath, Gent, Leuven, Liège and Pantin.

And the first results are in:

Antwerpen-Liège 3-0
Gent-Ath 2-1
Pantin-Leuven 3-0

International Fantastic Film Festival

On 8th April at 6 PM at the Bozar Ciné 1, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival ( will show "The Divine Move" - a Korean thriller in which the central theme is baduk !

The organisation of the BIFF offer the Belgian Go Federation 20 free places to our members.

Should you be interested to receive a free entrance, you only have to send us an e-mail ( BEFORE 01/04 with your firstname and name.

In "exchange", we would like you to promote (= speak about) the film and the BIFF among your friends, relatives,...(should they play "go"...or not !).
The Belgian Go Federation will animate a stand to present the game and the Federation to the spectators when they come out after the movie

- you have to be member of the Belgian Go Federation to ask a free place
- if we receive more demands than tickets, we will hold a lottery
- of course, please be sure to come when you ask a place !

Belgian championship (1st weekend)

After the first weekend of the finals of the Belgian Championship, Lucas Neyrinck (5D) and Thomas Connor (3D) are leading the pack with 5/5. Jan Ramon is trailing in 3th place with 4/5.

Full results:

The 2 new European Pro are: Ilya SHIKCHIN and Mateusz SURMA

The 2nd Pro-qualification-tournament, which took place 6-7-8 March, selected the 2 new European pro among the "top" European (amateurs - of course) players.

These are Ilya SHIKCHIN and Mateusz SURMA
(my guess was right :-)

They join Pavol LISY and Ali JABARIN, the 2 first European "home-made" pro, who qualified trough a tough competition last year

Results of Leuven Tournament 2015

Complete results of Leuven Tournament 2015 can be found here.

7th round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Hungary 1-3

On 17th Feb, the 7th round of this competition was played.

Belgium team (Lucas, Kwinen, Nelis, Gabriel) lost rather logically against a stronger Hungarian team 1-3 (despite a great performance by Nelis, who won against a 4-d).

Detailled result of the 7th round:

After 7 of the 11 rounds, Belgium is 8th (out of 12 teams).

Fu Yaqi wins Leuven 25th go tournament

The 25th Leuven go tournament was won by the Chinese 6D Fu Yaqi. Fu is a student at Gent University and after only 20 days in Belgium, he is already winning his first tournament!

Second place was for Kim Ouweleen (4D) from the Netherlands, the co-author of "Baduk Movies". Ouweleen was defeated by Fu with 1,5 points, with Fu having 3 seconds left on his clock (sudden death!). Third place was for the winner of 2013, Thomas Connor (3D), Losing only from Fu and Ouweleen. Very succesful with 5 wins in 5 games were Vincent Quoilin (5k) from Liege and Philippe Tranchida (10k) from Brussels.

The 25th anniversary was celebrated with free cake and a lot of special prices in the lottery at the end of the tournament. There were 38 participants.

Full results will appear here soon.

6th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Switzerland 3-1

On 25th of January, Belgium team (Jan, Kwinten, Nelis, Gabriel) defeated Switzerland 3-1 in the 6th round of the ETC.

Detailed resuts of the 6th round here:

After 6 of the 11 rounds, Belgium is 7th (out of 12 teams)

Interclubs results 2014

In 2014 we had 4 clubs competing in the Interclubs: Antwerpen,Ath,Gent en Leuven. Each club played three rounds, for a total of 6 rounds played.

Unfortunately there can be only one winner. And this year the interclubs was won by Gent.

You can find detailed results here.

5th round of the 5th edition of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Italy 2-2

On 7th January, Belgian team, composed by Lucas Neyrinck, François Gonze, Thomas Connor and Gabriel Mercier made draw against Italy.

Lucas ("4-d", 5-d) surpringly lost against a 3-d...but, even more surprinsingly, Gabriel ("3-k", 1-d) won against another 3-d.

Complete results of the 4thd round here:

After 5 (of the 11) rounds, Belgium occupies 9th place out of 12 teams. Standings after 5 rounds:

Rmq: to be noticed: in this B-league (!), a match opposed our 2 European professionals, Pavol Lisy (for Slovakia) and Ali Jabarin (for Israël). Pavol won...but Slovakia lost.