Leuven 2012

The 22nd Leuven Tournament was won by Jan Ramon (4D/Leuven) with a perfect score of 5/5. Second place was for Huang Yong-Sen (3D) with 3/5, before Fatih Sulak (2D) and Dan Groza (1k) with both 3/5. Philipp Kocks (17k) won all his games and Pablo Gonzalez-Alvarez (17k) scored 4/5.

Complete results: are here/a>.

Annual General Meeting

The report af the General Assembly, which was hold on 29 02 2012, can be read in the reports area of the "section restricted to the members".

Reduced fees on the Yunguseng Dojang Program

Dear players,

Starting from 2012 you can access the Yunguseng Dojang programme on KGS. The BGF offers a discount for its players. Please find full information about the programme here and the information page for payments in Belgium here.

This is an intensive programme that many of us had a chance to try already, and a proof of its efficiency could be that there are so many regular students in Switzerland already.

We hope that many players will seize this opportunity to improve and have fun.

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship Round 4 Belgium - Austria

Great, we played this one very well. Congratulations!
Find the games on the website.

Belgium Austria Score
Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) 4d Viktor Lin (Sandmann) 5 dan 0-1
Jan Ramon (janr) 4d Wolfgang Krames (Koffein) 3 dan 1-0
Nelis Vets (Nelis) 1d Schayan Hamrah (schayan355) 2 dan 1-0
Kwinten Missiaen (Kwik) 1d Bojan Cvjetkovic (Geas) 1 dan 1-0

Belgian Championship Preliminaries 2012

Up to twenty players took part to the Belgian Championship last week. It's always an interesting tournament, with ghost players emerging from the shadows, and surprises in the results even in games played with a large gap of level.

Results are online, congratulations to all! Finals will take place on 3rd, 4th, 17th and 18th March 2012, and we'll try to find a quiet place to guarantee seriouse games.

Tournament information page

Interclubs 2011 results

Dear Belgian Go-players,

The 2011 interclub season has come to an end with an exciting final round.
After the first half of the season Leuven had a strong lead, but in the second half Gent gained the lead. In the decisive final round, Gent won against Leuven with 3-0.

Antwerpen picked up the pace in the second half, but could not help getting third place with 4 point. Leuven got 6 points, and Gent has 8, and takes the interclub cup from Leuven.

Congratulations to all three teams !

This was the first time double rounds were played, due to the "record" number of teams participating. As organiser, my impression is that with three or four teams participating, playing double rounds is feasible if the captains are motivated. A little bit of prompting from the organiser seems to be enough to get all rounds to be played within a good time frame.

I would like to thank Philip Vlummens, Kris Boyen and Marcel Van Herck for speedy and correct transmission of results.

I hope to see a lot of teams in the 2012 interclub tournament !

Robby Goetschalckx,
Interclubs Organiser

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship Round 3 Finland - Belgium

This round against Finland was a big challenge, since their team had been undefeated till now. However, we managed to achieve an impressive win on board 4, congratulations!
Find the games on the website.

Finland Belgium Score
Jesse Savo (Werfeus) 4d Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) 4d 1-0
Mikko Siukola (Kettu) 4d Jan Ramon (janr) 4d 1-0
Antti Hopappa (goantti) 3d Nelis Vets (Nelis) 1d 1-0
Oiva Moisio (AncientRib) 2d Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1d 0-1

Japan Expo Belgium

The Belgian Go Federation was present at the Japan Expo Belgium on Nov. 4th-6th. It was great, there were many people eager to learn Go, and we distributed about 400 leaflets with Go clubs addresses; we hope to have as many new players!

The place was very noisy and busy; teaching Go is not easy when the players can't even sit and the teacher can't talk louder than the Japanese drums. We invite all interested players to join the nearest club or try KGS to play online. Note: there is a small mistake in the papers, the club organizing lessons for beginners is located in 1083 Ganshoren (not 1038). More info on the clubs page.

Dear new players, don't try to buy hundreds of books to get started. Don't even watch Hikaru again. Just play, play many many games, and you'll become very strong soon. Good luck!

Results of the 26th Brussels Tournament

The 26th Brussels Tournament took place on Oct. 29th and 30th in Palais du Midi, Brussels.

The Belgian Go Federation organized it and 77 participants took part. There were players from all around Europe, and even further: Belgium of course, but also Hungary, Germany, France, Great-Britain, Turkey, Finland, Slovakia, Poland, but also Brazil, China and Korea!

It was an Ecup tournament level 4, in five rounds MacMahon.

The last round was very exciting because six top players (Csaba Mero, Chen Lei, Vincent van Gelderen, François Gonze, Simon Billouet and Kang Kyoungnang) had already three wins and one loss; note the achievement of François, Belgian 4d, who managed to beat two 6d.

Finally, after a very long and breath-taking game between Kang and Csaba, that was observed passionately by dozens of players in live but also about 150 players on KGS, Csaba managed a win by 3,5 and took the first place.

It was a great tournament and we hope to have even more players next year. Congratulations to all!


    Full Results

6th KPMC Final in Korea

Lucas Neirynck represented Belgium at the 6th KPMC in Korea. He did a great result: he won against Uffe HOLMSGAARD RASMUSSEN (Denmark), Rory WALES (Ireland) and Ron Lavi (Israel), and lost against Satoshi HIRAOKA (Japan), Gabriel Benmergui (Argentina) and King Yau Anson NG (Hong Kong). He is the 24th player out of 70, which is a nice achievement regarding the rude competition.
Complete results here: