4th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium made a draw against Switzerland (2-2)

On 17/01, Belgian team made a draw against Switerland.
Lucas Neirynck and Lucman Bounoider won, Jan Ramon and Gabriel Mercier lost

Complete results here:

Belgian team is now 8th out of 10 teams in the B-league:

Pair Larisa Popescu 1d & Sven Cuyt 2d became 2022 rengo Belgian champion

By beating in the last days of 2022 the only other registered pair (Marie Jemine 1d & Gints Engelen 1k), the pair Larisa Popescu 1d & Sven Cuyt 2d conquered the title of 2022 Belgian champion.
Congratulations to them.

Hopefully, there will be more participating pairs in the 2023 edition in this (fun) tournament (in which non-mixed pair are allowed).

coming soon (05/02): general assembly of the Belgian Go Federation 2022-23

The Belgian Go Federation wishes you a happy new year.

And invites you to the annual General Assembly of the Belgian Go Federation, which will be held ON LINE on 05/02 at 2 PM

Please come with your enthusiasm and your projects to shape up the future of the Belgian go life !

This meeting is the unique moment to discuss over it !

Agenda :
1. report on the 2022 activities (by the president) and financial report 2022 (by the treasurer)
2. projects for 2023 (and later) and adoption of the 2023 budget
3. election of the Board of Administration

If you wish to participate, send an e-mail to «».
The meeting will take place on Discord (the invitation link will be send to you after your registration)

2023 European Congress will be held in Leipzig (Germany)

The 65th EGC in 2023 will be organised from July 22 – August 5, 2023 in Markkleeberg near Leipzig (Germany).
You can already register on the EGC 2023 website and enjoy the early bird fee.

The European Go Congress is an annual event held by the European Go Federation for go players of all levels. The central event is the European Go Championship held during the Congress. The two-week championship will be accompanied by numerous other tournaments, workshops and evening events.

Thanks to the DGoB (German Go Federation) for proposing to host the annual Congress at short notice, due to the war in Ukraine, where it was originally planned to be held.

3rd round of the European Team championship: Belgium crushed by Sweden (0-4)

On 13/12, the Belgian team (Jan, Gabriel, Sven, Gints) has been heavily beaten by the Swedish team ((0-4).

After 3 rounds, Belgium is 8th out of 10 teams in B-league:

Chinese Bai Baoxiang 2022 world amateur champion; Lucman Bounoider 25th (out of 45 competitors) with 3/6

Chinese Bai Baoxinag won unbeaten (6/6) the 2022 edition of the WAGC, ahead of 5 players with a 5/6 sheet from (in that order) Korea, Hong Kong, France (!) (Thomas Debarre), Japan and Taïpeh (Taïwan).
Bai Baoxiang had already won the WAGC in 2011, 2016, 2017. He is called one of China's Four Titans of Amateur Go (the other 3 are Hu Yuqing, Ma Tianfang and Wang Chen.

Note the great performance by Thomas Debarre, 7-d, from France who ends 4th.

Our representative this year was Lucman Bounoider (3-d) who got a 3/6 score (wins against: Philippe 1k, Hungary (a young player) 1k and Guatemala 5k; lost to: India 2d, Malaysia 5d and Vietnam 5d)

Interclubs Results 2022

The results of the 2022 interclubs are in. We had 5 participating clubs this year Antwerpen, Gent, Leuven, Pantin and Phénix.

Phénix was ultimately victorious with Antwerpen and Pantin in second and third place respectively

Detailed results can be found here

last call (deadline registration 28/11): federal go WE : Friday 09/12 to Sunday 11/12 (possible to come one day)

After a long period of troubles (Covid...), the traditional Go camp is back ! :)
Our main instructor will be Lucas Neirynck 6d, 11 times Belgian Champion !

Lessons will be in English (a level above 20 kyu is advisable to fully benefit from the teachings).

From Friday December 9th (18:00) to Sunday December 11th (18:00)

Participation fees of 40€ for BGF members, 50€ for non-BGF players, to be transfered on the account of the BGF IBAN: BE24 7755 9621 2238. All included: full pension (2 nights, all the meals, lessons by the instructors).
Participation fees for one-day: 30 € (40 € if non-BGF member).

Auberge du Tilff Esplanade de l’Abeille, 9 4130 TILFF
The building is an 18th century farm-manor house that can host up to 50 people and is located at the heart of the Ourthe Valley in the Ardennes, not far from Liege/Chaudfontaine.

Note that you should bring your own bedsheets and towels!

Registration form:
Deadline 28/11/2022

Program for Go camp
Friday: evening, tsumego contest (30 mn chrono)
Saturday: morning, games and commentaries in group the afternoon, theory lesson 1h and small tournament
Sunday: morning, grouped games and commentaries, theory lesson 1h and extra recreative Go activity

Lucman Bounoider (3-d) extend for a third time his title of "Belgian champion of rapid games"

Lucman Bounoider (3-d) won unbeaten the 2022 edition of the Belgian Championship of rapid games (15 min per player, sudden death; handicap - 2).
He has already been champion last year and in 2017.

There were only 5 participants (a disappointing figure), but still a fun tournament for everyone - that has been quietly played from home.

On the podium, Lucman got 4 wins, ahead of Jan Ramon (4-d) (3 wins) and Yvan Nollet (4-k) (2 wins).
Michael Silcher (4-k) got 1 win, and Jean-Denis Hennebert (5-k) ended with no win.

European Team Championship season 2022-23: Belgium made a draw in 1st round, and lost in the 2nd round

On 18/10, Belgian team made a draw (2-2) in the 1st round against Finland:
and lost in the 2nd round (on 15/11) 1-3 to Italia

After 2 rounds, Belgium is 8th out of 10 teams in B-league. But the competition has only just begun...