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François Gonze was the Belgian representative for the WAGC 2012. You can read his report here and if you've logged on with an active account on this website (which should be the case if you registered for 2012), you can see commented games from this event and from the Belgian Championship reviewed by top Chinese and Korean players.

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Antwerp Tournament

Kwinten Missiaen (2D,Leuven) has won the Antwerp Tournament with a perfect 5/5 score. Second place was for Nelis Vets (2D). There were 18 participants.

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship 9th (and last) round 9: Belgium - Switzerland 4-0

16 May 2012

Belgium (composed this time by the strongest team possible: Lucas Neyrinck, Jan Ramon, Nelis Vets and Kwinten Missaen) ends beautifully this 2nd edition of Pandanet European Team Championship by crushing Switzerland 4-0.

So, Belgium ends as 4th out of 10 team in the 2nd league. Even if this is not enough to go up into 1st league, this is quite a good performance for our small go country...

Please note that the 4 best European teams of the 1st league (Rusland, Ukraine, Tchequia, France) will compete again each others in the next European Go Congress (Bonn, end July). Rusland, who has dominated the competition up till now, is the great favourite. More generaly, the domination of the East European countries is impressive.

here are the complete results:

33rd World Amateur Go Championship

François Gonze, our representative in this 33rd World Amateur Championship, won 3 games (out of 8) and ended 40th out of 56 competitors.

Winner was, as expected, the Chinese player (Qiao) ahead of the Korean one.

Best Westerner was Hungarian Pal Balogh (6th)

Follow the competition and see the results here:

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship: 8th round: Serbia - Belgium 3-1

Monday 16 April 2012, 20:00 CET/CEST

A defeat of Belgium despite a good prestation (victory by Kwinten against a 4-d and a short defeat by Lucas against of the young rising star, Dusan Mitic 6-d).

It will be difficult now to go up to 1st division.

Dusan Mitic (StrayCat) 6 dan Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) 4 dan B+2.5
Nikola Mitic (nidza92) 5 dan Nelis Vets (Nelis) 2 dan W+Resign
Mijodrag Stankovic (keks) 4 dan Kwinten Missiaen (Kwik) 1 dan W+22.5
Milos Bojanic (Bojanic) 4 dan Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1 dan W+Resign

détails here:

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship round 7: Belgium - Denmark 3-1

Tuesday 20 March 2012, 20:00 CET/CEST

A splendid victory by Belgium.

Jannik Rasmussen (JRDK) 4 dan Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) 4 dan B+Resign
Thomas Heshe (daydreamer) 4 dan Jan Ramon (janr) 4 dan B+Resign
Uffe Rasmussen (Laudrup) 3 dan Nelis Vets (Nelis) 2 dan W+8.5
Torben Pedersen (Denmark5) 3 dan Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1 dan B+Resign

Belgian Championship 2012

Lucas Neirynck won the Belgian Championship 2012 with 8 wins out of 9. Jan Ramon ended second with 7 wins. Four players made 5 wins, and based on SODOS 3rd-6th place go to Kwinten Missiaen, Kevin Prist, Bram Vandenbon and Francois Gonze. Both weekends were played in Cafe Amedee in Leuven and a number of games were broadcast on KGS.

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship : round 6 : Belgium - Israël 1-3

This time we were beaten by a stronger team (f.i. neither Lucas nor Kwinten played).We got our only victory by forfeit. (21/02/2012)

Ali Jabarin 6-d Jan Ramon 4-d W+Forfeit
Ofer Zivony 3-d Nelis Vets 2-d W+Resign
Ron Lavi 3-d Dominique Versyck 1-dn B+Resign
Tal Michael 1-d Marie Jemine 2-k W+Resign

Complete results here

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship : round 5 : Belgium - Slovakia 3-1

A beautiful victory for Belgium, who played without Jan Ramon.

Note the incredible performance of Lucas, who managed to beat one of the raising star of European Go, young Pavol Lisy (who incredibly enough passed from 1-st to 5-d in 18 months !).

Lucas Neirynck 4-d Pavol Lisy 5-d B+51.5
Nelis Vets 2-d Maros Kral 3-d B+13.5
Kwinten Missiaen 1-d Marian Hrdina 2-d B+Resign
Dominique Versyck 1-d Martin Strelka 1-k W+Resign


Belgium Championship Final

After the first weekend of the final only Lucas Neirynck is undefeated. Jan Ramon scored 4/5 and 3 players are following with 3/5.
Second part of the final in the weekend of 17-18 March in Café De Amedee in Leuven.

1 Annachachibi Kevin 1k BE 10- 2- 3- 4- 5- 0
2 Annachachibi Christopher 2d BE 9+ 1+ 10+ 3- 4- 3
3 Neirynck Lucas 4d BE 8+ 9+ 1+ 2+ 10+ 5
4 Wettach Alain 2d BE 7- 8- 9- 1+ 2+ 2
5 Missiaen Kwinten 2d BE 6+ 7- 8- 9- 1+ 2
6 Wang Yue 1d BE 5- 10- 7+ 8- 9- 1
7 Vandenbon Bram 1d BE 4+ 5+ 6- 10- 8- 2
8 Ramon Jan 4d BE 3- 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 4
9 Gonze Francois 4d BE 2- 3- 4+ 5+ 6+ 3
10 Prist Kevin 1d BE 1+ 6+ 2- 7+ 3- 3

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