Pavol LISY : the 1st home-made European professional !

Young Pavol LISY (18 years !, SK, ex 7-d) became last WE the 1st European player to be promoted professionnal go player within the European Go Federation.
He won 4 straight games against other European top candidates.

20th of June, he will be joined by another European top amateur to be selected among half-finalists of the "1-defeat competition": Cornel Burzo vs. Lukas Podpera and Mateusz Surma vs. Ali Jabarin.

Here are the results:

(I remember that, 2-3 years ago, Pavol took only 18 months to raise from 1-k to 5-d !)

9th (and last round) of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Denmark 0-4

Despite this heavy lost against Denmark (with 2 narrow defeats), Belgium ended 7th of 10 teams and will stay in the B-league next year.

For your information: in the A-league, the 4 best teams: Tchequia, Russia, Ukraine and France will play aginst each other for the title during the European Go Congress in Sibiu (Roumania) this summer.

Complete results here:

8th round of European Team Championship : Belgium - Norway : 4 - 0

Belgium knocked Norway down 4-0 on the 8th round of European Team Championship held on IGS. We are currently ranked #6 out of 10 in League B and it looks extremely unlikely for Belgium to go down one league at the end of this year's championship.

Complete results are available at

7th round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Slovenia 1-3

Belgium lost against Slovenia, and will have to fight until the very end to avoid relegation into C league.

Complete results here:

Standings after 7 out of the 9 rounds:

6th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Netherlands 0-4

No miracle: Belgium has been (rather logically according to the rankings) crushed by Netherlands 0-4...

Complete results here:

Standings after 6 out of the 9 rounds:

5th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Germany 1-3

Belgium lost, once again with 1-3, this time against Germany. François succeeded in winning his game, but it was not enough...
Belgium is moving slowly to the bottom of the B-league...:-(

Complete results of the round here:

Present standings:

Ilya Chikchine wins 1st internet European baduk championship

Ilya Chikchine (7-d, Rus, 23 years old) won the 1st Internet Baduk Championship with a 7-1 score, ahead of rising star Pavol Lisy (7-d, SK, 18 years old). Pavol (who was the only competitor to have beaten Ilya) made 5-2. So did The reigning European champion, frenchman Fan Hui (2-p), who got the Bronze medail.
Ex multi European champion Alexander Dinerstein (3-p) and young Artem Kachanovski (7-d) follow with 4-3 score...
The constatation that another pro, Catalin Taranu (5-p), ended as penultimate with a 2-5 score reflects the high level of this tournament !

Complete result here:

4th round European Team Championship: Belgium - Austria 1-3

Despite another great performance by Lucas, who defeated one of European top player, young Victor Lin, Belgium lost to Austria. Belgium stands now 7th (out of the 10 teams in the B-league)

Complete results here:


PS: note the victory of Ukraine on Russia...4-0 in A-league! (interestingly linked to the present events :-)

Preliminaries of the Belgian Championship 2014

Only 4 players participated in the preliminaries of the Belgian championship 2014 !

Thus of course, all are qualified for the finals:
Gonze Francois (3pt)
Boyen Kris (2pt)
Versyck Dominique (1pt)
Vannieuwenhuyse Joost (0pt)

As a 5th player was missing (!), the Board decided to invite the best non-qualified finisher of the Belgian Finals of 2013. According to this decision, WONG Chi-Yiu (who had ended 9th in the finals last year) is also qualified.

3rd round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Slovakia 2-2

In the 3rd round of the European Team Championship, Belgium (composed this time by Lucas, Jan , Nelis and Dominique) made draw against Slovakia.

Complete results of the 3rd round:

After 3 of the 9 rounds, Belgium is in the middle of the standings of the B-league

Standing after 3 rounds:

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