2013 European Go Championship: Fan Hui is European Champion

Ex-chinese professional Fan Hui (who has recently got the French nationality) became last week the new European champion.

He defeated in final young (18) Pavol LISY from Slovakia (who was the winner in the last Brussels tournament).

In the little final for the 3rd place, opposing 2 other young talents, Mateusz SURMA (PL) beat Thomas DEBARRE (FR).

Results of the finals:

Note the elimination of two great favourites Ilya SHIKCHIN and Artem KACHANOVSKI in the 1st round (= quarter finals) of the finals (respectively by LISY and DEBARRE), and the bad result of multiple European champion Alexander DINERSTEIN, who even failed to qualify for the finals !

Complete results of the main tournament:

Still, Ilya SHIKCHIN did win the WE tournament, beating among others, Fan HUI !

Results of the WE tournament:

9th (and last) round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Austria 0-4

As expected, Belgium was severly beaten by Austria, one of the 3 strong teams of the B-division.

Finland (1st, next year thus in A-league), Austria (2nd, will play a match against Israël to possibly climb into A-league) and Netherlands (who ended 3rd at tie-break and will thus stay in B-league) dominated by far the other teams.

Thus this match did not matter for the final standing: Belgium ended 4th (out of 10 teams).

Here are the detailled results of the 9th round:

Here are the final standings of this 3rd edition if the European Team Championship:

PS: the 4 best teams of the A-division (Russia, Ukraine, Czechia and Hungary) will play against each other during the next European Congress in Poland this summer to designate the champion team...

7th and 8th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Italy 2-2 and Belgium - UK 2-2

Belgian team made 2 draws in Mars and April against Italy and UK.

It is now certain that we wil stay in B-class next year (not be promoted neither be demoted).
It remains just one round to play.

Here are the results of the 7th round:

And here those of the 8th round:

Finally, here are the standings after 8 out of the 9 rounds:

(you see also the domination of the Eastern countries in A-class !).

Belgian Championship second weekend

In the second weekend of the Belgian Championship, Kevin Prist lost against Jan Ramon and Lucas Neirynck lost against Kwinten Missiaen. As Jan had already lost to Lucas in the first weekend, before the last round three players had 7 points.
In the last round, Jan won from Bram Vandenbon.
But Hitchcock was hanging by, as Lucas and Kevin were to meet in this last round: Should Kevin wins, Jan would be Belgian champion. If Lucas wins, Lucas would be champion.
The game, which lasted very long and counted nearly 400 moves (both players ended with negative points !), was finally decided with the last ko !
Kevin felt short of just ONE ko thread and thus lost by half a point. Ironically enough, there was actually still another ko thread ...that a tired and byo-yomied Kevin did not see !
So, Lucas became a little luckily Belgian champion 2013, and Jan an unfortunate silver medal.
In the end, the first five (qualitiving) places went to Lucas Neirynck, Jan Ramon, Kwinten Missiaen, Kevin Prist and Bram Vandenbon (curiously enough, places 1 to 7 are the same as in 2012 !) See full results

First week-end of the Belgian Go Championship

The first week-end of the Belgian Go Championship ended today. Two players have 5 wins: Lucas Neirynck and Kevin Prist. See .

Some games have been broadcasted on KGS with the account BelChamp13.

6th round of the European Team Championship: Finland - Belgium 4-0

As feared, Belgium was crushed by the very strong team of Finand (who is leading the B-division).
After 6 out of the 9 rounds, we are still 4th (out of 10 teams) and will very probably stay in B-division next year.

Results of the 6th round:


5th round of the "European Team Go Championship": Belgium -Poland 2-2

Belgium made draw against Poland in the 5th round of the European team go ch'ip, which was played in January.
A logical result: the strenght of both teams being on paper equivalent.

Complete results, for each player here:

After 5 of the 9 rounds, Belgium is now 4th (out of the 10 teams of the B-league)

5th Ghent Tournament: results

Here are, with some delay (but beter late than never), the results of the 5th Ghent tournament which took place in April 2012.

Winner was Dominik Versyk (1D), ahead of Jean Rey (1D, Lille) and Bram Vandenbon (1D).
There were 21 participants.

Complete results

4th round of the "European Team Go Championship" : Netherlands - Belgium 3-1

Belgium was beaten for the 1st time in this competition.
We are 3rd presently in the B-league.

Please find here the complete results of the 4th round in B-league:

3rd round of the "European Team Go Championship" : Belgium - Norway 4-0 !

Based on ranking Belgium outclassed Norway. The Belgian team lived the to the expectations and pulled off their 3th consecutive victory, this time against Norway.

This places Belgium on top after three rounds (with an impressive 11-1 record !) !

Dreaming of promotion seems premature as several strong countries remain. Next round against the Netherlands will likely provide a serious test.

Games and results here:

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