Interclubs 2012: final results

Interclubs season 2012 has been finished.

All games were played with no forfeited games.

The teams played double rounds, so every club had a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of all the other clubs.

The tournament was exciting, as the final results are very close:
Gent got third place with 5 points (10 weighted points). Antwerpen gets second place with 6 points (11 weighted points). Leuven takes the title and the trophy with 7 points (and an amazing 15 weighted points).

I would like to congratulate all teams with these nice results. Extra congratulations go to Leuven for the victory. I would like to thank the captains Kris Boyen, Joost Vannieuwenhuyse and Kenny Debacq and look forward to the 2013 interclub tournament.

Robby Goetschalckx,
Interclubs organisor

Begian Pair (rengo) Championship: 09/12 CANCELED

The 2012 Belgian Pair (rengo) Championship HAS BEEN CANCELED because of lack of participants.

(as there were less than 4 teams (4 * 2 players) registrered on 06/12 !


Preliminaries Belgian Championship 2013

There were 13 participants.
The 5 best "on paper" are qualified for the final round.

1. François GONZE - 4d - 7/7
2. Yue WANG - 2d - 6
3. Dominik VERSYCK - 1d - 5
4. Ci-Yiu WONG - 2k - 4 - 28 SOS-1 - 30 SOS
5. Michael MEESCHAERT - 1k - 4 - 28 SOS-1 - 29 SOS

6. Kris BOYEN - 4k - 4 - 26 SOS-1
7. Demian WALSHISCH - 4k - 4 - 25 SOS-1
8. Benoit HUBERT - 3k - 3 - 27 SOS-1
9. Kenny DEBACQ - 6k - 3 - 21 SOS-1
10. Alex VAN HAEREN - 10k - 3 - 20 SOS-1
11. Laurent MONSEUR - 14k - 3 - 17 SOS-1
12. Thomas DETOURNAY - 5k - 2
13. Maciej SKONIESCKA - 15k - 1

Complete results will follow later

Results of the 7th Korean Prime Minister Cup

Kwinten Missaen, 2-d, our representative in the 7th Korea Prime Minister Cup ended 24th in a field of 70 participants.
He made 3/6 (with a victory against a 3-d).
Not quite unexpectedly, the winner was a Korean ahead of a Chinese.

Here are the complete results:

and here, you can read some interesting interviews of some European top players:

Belgian blitz (rapid games) championship 2012: 11/11

Dominik Versyk (1-d) is Belgian Blitz champion "for one more year".
With 6/7, he ended ahead of Yue Wang, 5/7, and 3 players with 4/7.
A new face, Roel Van Nyen, ended 3rd and defeated Dominik and Yue (with reduced handicap).

Here are the complete results:

1. Dominik Versyck, 1-d, 6/7
2. Yue Wang, 2-d, 5/7
3. Roel Van Nyen, 11-k, 4/7 (sodos: 13)
4. Demian Walvish, 4-k, 4/7 (sodos: 10)
5. Ci-Yiu Wong, 2-k 4/7 (sodos: 9)
6. Joost Van Nieuwenhuizen, 3-k, 3/7
7. Jean-Denis Hennebert, 5-k, 2/7
8. Erwin Cloostermans, 15-k, 0/7

Archive Belgo

All issues of our quarterly review "Belgo" (which was published between 1985 and 2008) are now freely available in pdf format here:

Pavol Lisy wins 27th Brussels Tournament

The Brussels tournament was won by Pavol Lisy ahead of Ondrej Silt, Lluis Oh and Pal Balogh, all 6-dan.See the full results À word about the winner: Pavol Lisy, 6-Dan from Slovakia, is just 17 years old. He ended 3rd in the last European Go Championship. In 2010-11, he climbed from 1st Kyu to 5 Dan in 18 months !

ETGC 2nd round: Belgium - Switerland 4-0 !

On October 11th-12th, Belgium won against Switzerland the second round in the European Team Go Championship. Read the report of captain Nelis.

06/10 + 07/10: youth and student Belgian championship CANCELLED

Due to the low number of players registrered (only one!) to the Youth and Student Belgian Championship, it has been cancelled. The Student champion title has been attributed to Thomas Connor, the only registrered player.

Go Camp 2012

Despite the low number of participants, the Belgian Go Camp was a real succes this year. You can read a report made by Semi Lee here. Thank you for your participation!