The 1st Belgian 5-d ever: Lucas Neirynck

Thanks to 4 consecutive victories against Dutch 5-d players in the tournament of Delft (that he won undefeaded) last WE, Lucas reached 413 points our national rating. This means he becomes the first Belgian 5-d ever ! Congratulations to him !

Just for the record: the 1st Belgian...
1-d: Marc Ginoux (1988)
2-d: Alain Wettach (1993) (ChiYiu Wong had reached > 100 pts in 1992)
3-d: Alain Wettach (1996)
4-d: Jan Bogaerts (1999)

2nd World Mind Sports Games (in Lille)

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games occured from 13/08 to 23/08 in Lille/Rijssel. 1st edition was organised in Beijing in it was a bit closer this time :-)

Belgium had one competitor in the individual men competition (13 to 16/08), Lucas Neirynck (4-d), and one team in the team competition (from 17 to 19/08): Benjamin Gigot (3-d), Bram Vandenbon (1-d), Kristof Bossee (1-d)


Lucas made 2/5: defeats face to a representitive of Macau (5-d), of Japan (6-d) and of Netherlands (6-d); victories against an Austrian (a young 4-d, who made 4/5) and an USA (6-d !).

Gold medal is a Taïwanese, Lai Yu Cheng (7-d) (the best 4 are from Taïwan)

Our team made 2/5:
Belgium-Macau: 0-3
Belgium-France 2: 0-3
Belgium-Italy 2: 3-0
Belgium-Canada: 0-3
Belgium-Netherlands 2: 2-1

Gold medal: the Taïwanese team: no wonder: the 3 players in this team were the podium in the "individual man championship :-)

Another important competition was organised during these 2nd WMSG: the European qualification tournament for the 2nd Sport ACCORD Mind Sport Games (don't be confused !), which will take place in December 2012 in Beijin.
This competition was only for 10 European top players, the top 3 would represent Europe in that competition.

This time, Ilya Chikchin (RU, 7-d) made honor to his stature of favourite and was unbeaten winner, ahead of Csaba Merö (HU, 6-d), who lost only against Ilya. Jan Hora (CZ, 6-d) was the lucky one among the 3 competitors with 3 victories (the 2 others being Pavol Lisy and Remi Campanie).

Complete results here, with also women, pair, youth,...championships (without any Belgian representatives):

Results of the 2012 European Championship (Bonn)

This year Bonn hosted the European Championship.

As usual, the terrible 7-d Korean players dominated the tournaments: Song Jun Hyup, remained unbeated (10/10 in the main + 5/5 in the week-end tournament) ahead of his countryfellow, Kim Young Sam (9/10 + 4/5).

Highest ranked European competitor was Ilya Shikshin (7-d, RUS) with 8/10 and 4/5.

Ilya, in the absence of f.i. Taranu, Dinerstein and Kachanovski was the great favourite. But...

...But European Champion 2012 is, surprinsigly enough, JAN SIMARA (6-d) from CZ, who defeated Ilya Shichin in the final.

How is this possible ? Because the system to elect the European champion is the following: after the 7th round, the 8 best ranked European players in the main tournament played a final phase in a knock-out tournament.

Pavol Lisy (6-d, SK) (who climbed 1-k to 5-d in 18 months by the way) and Thomas Debarre (6-d, FR) were the half-finalists.

Nine Belgian participated.
Great performance of Kwinten Missaen in the main (7/10 - less good in the WE tournament 2/5)
Results of the others:
Claude Burvenich (who is / used to be the best Belgian woman)(2-k) 6/10
Kris Boyen (4-k): 6/10 + 1/5
Steve Hertecant: (5-k): 3/5
Dennis Wolfs (7-k): 4/10 + 3/5
Bart Caers (10-k): 5/10
Laurent Richard (16-k): 7/9 (!)
Stephanie Theunissen (15-k): 5/10
and 2 beginners, unknown to me:
Alexander Wagner (25-k): 3/3 + 4/4
Frederik Berger (30-k): 3/5 + 2/4

Please find the complete results of the main tournament here:

and of the the WE tournament here:

WAGC Report and Commented Games

François Gonze was the Belgian representative for the WAGC 2012. You can read his report here and if you've logged on with an active account on this website (which should be the case if you registered for 2012), you can see commented games from this event and from the Belgian Championship reviewed by top Chinese and Korean players.

If it doesn't work, please contact your club captain :-)

Antwerp Tournament

Kwinten Missiaen (2D,Leuven) has won the Antwerp Tournament with a perfect 5/5 score. Second place was for Nelis Vets (2D). There were 18 participants.

Wednesday 4/7 + WE 7 and 8/7 (during the Antwerp Go tournanment): visit by 2 Korean professional young women !

The Belgian Go association has the honour to welcome for a few days (from Wednesday 4/7 to Sunday 8/7)2 Korean professional young women, Park So Hyun and Ko Ju Yeong.

See a picture of them here:

More specifically:

1. Next Wednesday (from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM) in Brussel

They will play simultaneous games in the go club "Phenix - Outpost".
Every members is invited. This activity is free of charge.
Please come and experiment personally the strenght of a professional go player !

2. During the forthcoming tournament of Antwerpen, on 7/7 and 8/7:

During the tournament, they will comment various games
On Saturday night, they will play simultaneous games and/or comment a game of the tournament played by some dan level players.
One more reason to participate in the tournament of Antwerpen !

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship 9th (and last) round 9: Belgium - Switzerland 4-0

16 May 2012

Belgium (composed this time by the strongest team possible: Lucas Neyrinck, Jan Ramon, Nelis Vets and Kwinten Missaen) ends beautifully this 2nd edition of Pandanet European Team Championship by crushing Switzerland 4-0.

So, Belgium ends as 4th out of 10 team in the 2nd league. Even if this is not enough to go up into 1st league, this is quite a good performance for our small go country...

Please note that the 4 best European teams of the 1st league (Rusland, Ukraine, Tchequia, France) will compete again each others in the next European Go Congress (Bonn, end July). Rusland, who has dominated the competition up till now, is the great favourite. More generaly, the domination of the East European countries is impressive.

here are the complete results:

33rd World Amateur Go Championship

François Gonze, our representative in this 33rd World Amateur Championship, won 3 games (out of 8) and ended 40th out of 56 competitors.

Winner was, as expected, the Chinese player (Qiao) ahead of the Korean one.

Best Westerner was Hungarian Pal Balogh (6th)

Follow the competition and see the results here:

Workshop with Xie Guochen, 6-d

Sadly enough , there were only 6 participants in this very interesting lecture by the young and sympathic Chinese (now living in Boston - USA) Master.
Folks, you really missed something !

(Tekst in NL hieronder)

Atelier par Xie Guochen (6-d) le dimanche 13/05

Une occasion unique à ne pas rater : Maître Xie Guochen est un des meilleurs joueurs actifs aux Etats-Unis.
Il est actuellement de passage en Belgique et animera pour la fédération un atelier destiné à tous les joueurs quelque soit leur niveau.

Le dimanche 13/05, de 10h30 à 17h (pause repas de 13h à 14h) au bar–resto « Babbelaar » Kerkplein 3 à 1601 Ruisbroek (salle de fête à l’étage)

Plan d’accès :; accessible par bus STIB n° 50 ou SNCB gare de Ruisbroek. Possibilité de se parquer sur la Kerkplein.

PAF : 6 € pour les membres FBG, 10 € pour les non-membres FBG. A payer sur place. Réduction de 2 € moyennant préinscription avant le 9 mai (simplement en envoyant un courriel à "")

Remarques :

  1. L’atelier sera animé en anglais (une connaissance limitée suffit).
  2. Les participants sont priés de consommer sur place (ce qui nous permet de bénéficier de la gratuité de la salle)

Workshop door Xie Guochen (6-d) zondag 13/05

Een unieke en onmisbare kans: een workshop door Meester Xie Guochen.

Xie Guochen telt onder de sterkste Amerikaanse spelers.
Hij verblijf enkele dagen in ons land en zal een workshop, gericht naar go spelers van alle sterktes, animeren.

Zondag 13/05 van 10u30 tot 17u (lunch van 13u tot 14u), op de bar-resto “Babbelaar” Kerkplein 3 te 1601 Ruisbroek (festzaal op verdiep)

Toegangsplan:; met openbare vervoer: bus MIVB nr. 50; NMBS: station van Ruisbroek. Parking mogelijk op Kerkplein.

Deelname in de kosten: 6 € voor leden BFG; 10 € voor de anderen. Ter plaats te betalen. Korting met 2 € indien preregistratie voor 9/5 (gewoon door een e-mail naar "board@gofed" te sturen)


  1. De workshop zal in Engels gegeven worden
  2. De deelnemers worden verzocht de maaltijd / draken ter plaats te consumeren (dat was een voorwaarde om de zaal gratis te kunnen boeken)

2nd Pandanet European Team Championship: 8th round: Serbia - Belgium 3-1

Monday 16 April 2012, 20:00 CET/CEST

A defeat of Belgium despite a good prestation (victory by Kwinten against a 4-d and a short defeat by Lucas against of the young rising star, Dusan Mitic 6-d).

It will be difficult now to go up to 1st division.

Dusan Mitic (StrayCat) 6 dan Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) 4 dan B+2.5
Nikola Mitic (nidza92) 5 dan Nelis Vets (Nelis) 2 dan W+Resign
Mijodrag Stankovic (keks) 4 dan Kwinten Missiaen (Kwik) 1 dan W+22.5
Milos Bojanic (Bojanic) 4 dan Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1 dan W+Resign

détails here: