Korean Prime Minister Cup

François Gonze, the Belgian representative in the Korean Prime Minister Cup, played a good tournament and finished with 4 points out of 8 games. He earned himself the 31th place (68 players) and scored victories over a 4D and a 5D. The tournament was won by the Taiwanese representative Chien Li Chen (7/8), who is just 12 years old ! He had a better SOS-score than the Korean Lee Sang Hun and the Chinese player Zhao Wei, both also on 7/8. Best European was Ondrej Silt (CZ,6D). Complete results on

14th Louvain-La-Neuve Tournament

Lucas Neirynk won the 14th Louvain-La-Neuve Tournament with 4 victories.

Full results are available here

23rd Brussels Tournament

The winner of the 23rd Brussels Tournament is Jin Zou (6d) with 5 victories! The second is Ondrej Silt (6d) and the third is Yue Li (6d).

All the results are available here.

You can find the pictures of the tournament here.

Thanks a lot to our sponsors (Pandanet, EGF and Marchand) and to all the players that made this tournament a great success.

Interclub - intermediate result after round 4

Dear Go friends,

this week the fourth round of interclub was played (except for the games between Pantin and Leuven, as Pantin was not able to send a team to Leuven and lost by forfait).

This leads to exciting new results, as we have a new top:
Namur has taken the lead with 11 points, leaving the rest far behind. Leuven became second with 8 points (and 23 weighted points), before Antwerpen and Pantin who share third place with also 8 points but only 19 weighted points. Gent has 7 points, Le Chaff 6.

With one more round to play, nothing is certain yet ...

Interclub - intermediate results after round 3

After the third round of interclub season 2008, we have the following exciting results:
Antwerpen and Pantin are leading with an ex aequo of 8 points (and 19 weighted points). They are followed by Namur (with seven points) and Le Chaff with 5 points. Leuven and Gent carry the proverbial red lantern together with 4 points (and 13 weighted points) each.
With two more rounds to play, any club can still win.

From this year on, the winning club of the season will be awarded a "wisselbeker / coupe de challenge" !

Louvain-La-Neuve Tournament

The 14th Louvain-La-Neuve tournament will take place on 1st and 2nd November. More info :
- In French
- In Dutch
- In English

World Mind Sport Games (Olympic Games for Mind Sports)

added 16/10/2008: Belgian team made 2 out of 7 (1 "bye" and a victory upon Portugal) 

added 14/10/2008: today, an interview of Renaud Braye, whose special opening attracted the attention of Ranka !

added 10/10/2008: find the last breakiing news here, plus many interviews from players of various countries (very interesting):

The World Mind Sport Games has started on 4th of October in Beijin (China). These event has been created to launch for the 1st time in history a sort of paralel Olympic Games for the intellectual games. Five games are represented: bridge, occidental chess, drought, xiangshi (chinese chess) and...yes of course...go ! More than 140 countries have sent delegation.
Here is a general presentation of this event:

Belgian go is represented by a delegation of 5 players, 4 playing in the "men competition" : Thomas Connor, 3-d, Benjamin Gigot, 1-d, Renaud Braye, 1-k and Michael Meeschaert, 1-k
and Kristof Bossee, 1-k, playing the "individual open" as our "official number 1 representative".  The 5 will also play the team competition.

Find the (their) results here:
(the 4 made all 2 out of 6 and Kristof 3/7, that means, no medal for this Olympiads ! 

Kristof holds a blog:

Youth and Student Belgian Championship 2008

François Gonze won the student category and Simon Fain won the youth category.
Full result

The 2008 European Go Congress


Winner of the 2008 open european go championship is (expectfully) one
of the 7-d Coreans.

Winner of this edition is Park Jong Wook, only player with 9 victories.
2nd is another 7-d Corean, and 3rd the Taiwanese competitor, Lai Yu-
Cheng (who ended 2nd in the 2004 WAGC and 5th in the 2007 WAGC).

The best European player is Catalin Taranu (5-p) from Romania, who
ended as 6th with 7 victories, just one litlle SOS-point ahead of
Alexander Dinerstein (3-p), and 4 SOS-points ahead of the other Russian
favourite and winner last year, Ilya Chikchine.

Our Corean guest, Kim Jung Hyeop, made pretty good with 8 victories
(among wich one against Dinerstein)!

The results of the participating Belgian were rather good.
In particular, Thomas Connor did very well as 2-d with 7 victories, and
is now promoted to 3-d level. Congratulations to him !

All the results here

KPMCST and GGT photographs

The photographs of the Korean Prime Minister's Cup Selection Tournament and Ghent Go Tournament are now available in the galleries.

There are also photographs of the lesson given by Kang Seung Hee.